Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Well, it's really late, I've emptied my apartment out and only have to move this PC. So many apologies, but the V2Guzzi blog will not be on line for a few weeks as I move north. I'm sorry to be leaving my home of thirty years, but am excited by my move North and my new home. It's funny how one door closes and a couple more open right up. It would seem that there are big plans for the next stage of my life. In the curse of having cancer I have realised that this is not a practice lap, we don't even get time to warm up the tyres, your at the start line and then you are off. 

The blog is going to be off line for a few weeks while I move, so please bear with me and I will try and get it back on line as soon as possible. I know for some of you you will have withdrawals, but wait there's more. Wait until you see what's coming, it will make the wait all very worthwhile.

So this one is a bit longer than usual just so you have your fix.

It's February and he's allowed a little holiday

The front end of a DBI RS all still in it's wrappers

Yep it's a Ferrari.

I have no idea of what is happening here, but it's not nice

They used to have wheelie competitions once upon a time before the races.

This seasons new Michelins need a bit of work. Bridgestone must be pissing themselves laughing.
Marquez getting ready for the new season, it looks like he means business

Here's a close up of the engine from thaht ferrari hot rod, pretty amazing.

Heads up displays have come a long way.

 The poms can really bend metal

 the simple life

And that folks is a wrap. I will do my best to be back on line as quickly as possible, see you all in a few weeks, and believe the wait will be worth the while, as there is lots more exciting news to come.
Ciao for now.