Friday, 31 January 2014

Now this is an exciting engine, why you ask? Well it's Nissan new tripple cylinder 1500cc engine that's why.
And below is the engine in this mans hands. I can hear you thinking why is this so exciting, well this little engine this little triple cylinder, this little 1500cc engine produces a farking stonking 400HP. Yep you read that right 400HP, Check the size how long before this gets put into a bike. 400HP!!!!!!

Loving the new bell helmet range of colors, very retro 


KTM'S, have always had a big bottom end, a nice smooth mid range finished off with a massive upper.....well you get the drift haha

Nice little retro Ducati, like the way the fairing is finished off somewhat lower than normal, almost like a bubble off of those old Huey's helicopters. Noice

Don't know what's going on here, I think it is in Spain


Long tanks are pretty cool

Off the line sideways and concentrate, eyes on the finish line already, and note no hesitation still hard on that throttle. I like this man.

beautiful seat, my new Guzzi is going to have exactly this.

3D tattoo pretty cool

Living someones legend some where

My friend Greg would like this.

Had one of these, it was a lot of powerbandish fun

These images are from the VVMC club, go google them they look like a lot of fun.

Yes please. send me away

had one of these as well a DT175, classic


A DT360 no less, look how short the bike is and how big that engine is in the frame, these bikes spawned a whole new era in dirt bike riding
As did these, These are a living classic
Brakes Mon

The Husky Dakar bike, so well engineered and layed out

Don't know what this truck is for but it looks pretty purposeful that's for sure 

50cc racing 

This looks like it could go anywhere

50cc racers, 100 on the grid and 25 laps of the closest racing you would ever wish to see.

Nice wings

Bench Seats, who misses these?

truck upon truck pretty amazing, try that here in NZ

This looks like some fun

Plenty of Ducatis

Nice art

Nice tool kit, I love shit like this