Thursday, 25 May 2017

Jesus, what an action packed week I've just had. Got myself voted to the board of the Motorcycle new Zealand organisation. I have done this because I have been concerned ( along with my supporters), about the state of racing in this country. It was time for me to put my hand up and get in behind MNZ in an attempt to help them in anyway that I can to try and improve our lot down here in NZ. So the only way to effect change is from the inside and it is now my intentions to try in anyway possible to make some changes for the betterment of the sport. I'm always amazed when I see pictures of myself as to how bloody old I look now and how much hair I don't have!!!!! Cracks me up really, still ride like a mad bastard, but shit i look old. Anyways so that's what happened this weekend, everything will work out I am sure. So onto other matters, this weekend at the MNZ conference Robert Holden was admitted to our hall of fame, I was asked to talk a little about my very brief time with Robert ( I think I was the only one there actually), so said a little piece which was very moving for me, in a way it kind of completed a circle for me. Robert Holden the last rider to win at the IOM on a Ducati, so in here you will find some images of him, plus a memorial carving I did out of respect for the guy, that now sits on his corner at the Wanganui Cemetery Circuit. The greatest little street circuit in the world.

What a bunch of larikins. Some of my old racing crew out in the rain. When mad dogs and Kiwis go out in the pouring rain. 25 degree's warm and pissing down.

Ugly? yes, Important to the history of Ducati? Yes
What a carpark eh?
My mate Tim Stewart working his magic on the Britten
We are blessed to have a country like this to ride in.


I love my leather jacket, I wear it all the time. A famous NZ song in there somewhere

The one an only Bathurst, it was such a great race, but the Australian crowds grew rather unruly and as a result the police clamped down on it to the point where it is no longer run. Pity

Where they should be

Now I love this Guzzi, just about as perfect as you can get I think.

Max, this is what you should build.

This was in my old home town a couple of weeks ago. Ouch!!!!!!

Nice shop

Ha ha, I rode one of these when they were new, and I told the guy that owned it he would kill himself, it was that fast, but i rode one a wee while ago and it was porridge, bland and slow. Still love them though, it was that ride that really got me hooked on two stroke road bikes. Love them.



Who remembers?

Shit is about to go down

What can you say.....really

 Spanking the Cagiva

Here are some images of Robert Holden, newly inducted into our hall of fame. Bout time I'd say.

He was the master of the streets that's for sure, and he would ride anything

Me putting his carving in place in Wanganui

 It really does have a mood all of it's own.

 Two greats of the sport sadly no longer with us

 Scotty? Nice color scheme mate

Nice paint scheme, makes this bike look fantastic

These next few images will give you an idea of how important a color scheme is, and how with differences you can make a bike look totally different.

How does this work? how do these guys make things so functional yet so beautiful

Ready set....pack it's off to the IOM

Paint paint paint

Bugger it, lets throw two in there

What a crack up

Now I thought that this was just plain sexy

See how paint can change a bike?

We are so lucky to have roads like this.

And the perfect end to a perfect week. Hope you all enjoyed it, please share so that word goes far and wide. Enjoy your time on the road and in the shed, we are blessed to be a part of a community that knows no boundaries and has no prejudices.