Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Well well, a bit of quiet time in Naples, had a busy few days that's for sure. I'm really getting Italy, there seems to be so many Euro style adventure bikes around and massive large scooters. Spent some time talking to the Rome Police yesterday ( no I didn't get stopped which is a mystery to me), but they were all on the Yamaha XT660 endure bikes trying them out for the force there. They had about 7-8 of them, and from what I could gather they were all pretty much enjoying them in the tight traffic that Rome has. I cracked up it was like being a room full of Rossi's "Si Si, Ia arriva atda firsta corner I see is possible to win", sort of thing. But we had a good time. 1 of the guys recognized my BlogSpot T shirt, and it was all one, the chatter and arm waving was funny. So made some more friends there. Am heading up to Venice and then across to Florence for the MotoGp in as few days time and hopefully my passes will be there waiting for me. Fingers crossed on that. I'm meeting a couple of fiberglass guys while there who will be making my new seat and body part pieces, so am looking forward to that. I've also arranged to go the the Bike Shed in London for a show that they are having and will sit down and discuss products and supply issues with some of the trade guys there as well.
So busy busy busy. I did have a set back the other day, the banks are bastards, was trying to buy a property in Tauranga, to do my business but because I don't have an income  ( yet), they wouldn't help me into the space I was trying to buy. So I need a space to do my bsuiness and I cant do my business without the space, a bit like putting the Honda before the cart. But it's not over yet, will keep you all informed as to how this is progressing in the next few weeks. Well that's me for now, enjoy this weeks blog and I will endeavor to stay in touch over the next few weeks.

All the pretty things lined up ready for a 'GO'.

I'm going to do a couple of these over the next few months, I think there is a need for more bikes like this.


This is one of the nicest Guzzi's that I think I've seen,just stunning work and fantastic design

Check out the quality of not only the design but the build

And it's still a beautiful tank

Funny this image kind of replicates my life

yeah Nah, yeah

These are starting to grow on me.
It gets pretty busy at the 8 hour

Avalon going for it

How pretty is this BMW?
I have no idea but it's massive

Not one but two engines

The latest stealth plane, love the way the engines are molded in to avoid radar, pretty mean looking weapon

This is a truck taking a truck tray to the truck!!!!

It;s big but must be light because that;s not a big truck in the scheme of things

They always had a great set of pipes on them, and carried many a young hoon in his early years

The suspension feels like a CB750, you know 'wooden".

These triumphs are very popular over here

Just nice, I remember an Australian rider 'the ant'  Paul Lewis riding a Skoal Bandit color schemed bike that was similar

527, yes please after  all why don't you need 600 odd horsepower

My old Guzzi still looking resplendent, lovely motorcycle

That seat is one of the units I am looking at getting here

These guys know how to do a scooter rally

This is one mean looking Guzzi

Now they are not the 'prettiest' of motorcycles but they still have something about them

Liking the blue on the silver

Even that old XJ can be made to look great, and it was a fantastic easy to use engine.

yeah, these are real nice, not too sure on the pipes, but the rest looks pretty good.

This is a darling motorcycle, worthy of those Sunday morning blasts along a small winding road and then a coffee somewhere, or a beer, did I mention beer.

Who remembers?

Nice stance, great lines, I'm loving this BM.

I like the idea of the tags on the seat, nice and the stitching is pretty cool as well

I'm going to be checking out some tank bags like this when I get to London

I watched this happen, it was like those guys that release model sail boats onto a pond, just the gentlest of pushes and away you go

Like the dual colored seat unit

OK that's all for this week, sorry it's a bit brief, but it is done from my phone while I sit here and look out my window over Naples. Did I mention I'm in Naples, I just got off of the phone from a mate in Wellington, he tells me it's blowing forty bastard and the rain is hammering in. I'm in Naples.