Wednesday, 31 December 2014

So the first post of the year, it's back and it's bigger and betterer. Had a break ( don't feel like I did but I did). Drank some nice wines ate some stunning food, chucked back some great beers, and was bathed in warm weather and balmy evenings. perfec.
Anyhooo here it is enjoy please do.

My mate Tim built these for Cros to sell in Japan, they're pretty nice don't you think.

A nice gathering of RC30's

One way to get the front forks and wheel off I suppose.

Loved this shot

Spock Bain and captain Bain
This is my GT that I restored in Wanganui the last time I raced, I used it for spares that weekend haha
My first race bike, a really really slow 500 Pantah, it did 1.20's wet or dry and that was all. But i learnt a shit load about Dellorto carbs.
Oh and it broke down a lot too.
Three of my Kawasaki s at Paeroa
Dale, Mike Hogan, Jim Begdegood ( the doctor), and Paul
I'd forgotten how small it was, and so was the Pantah......

Some of you will recognise the images, but a lot wont that's why they are in here.

Trouble afoot, there isn't anymore that this little escort can do is except roll over and go nigh nighs

For some reason I actually like this bike

This guy is out there that's for sure. Go to You tube Techno Vicking and watch the entire thing, he's fucking mental

Now that's how to make a Laverda engine big

I'm really liking these done up rat rods, check out the engine on that one


These R nine T's from Motomart are starting to really grow on me as well.

My good friend Haydn having fun before he snapped his leg, this is the only picture I have of my Woody 360 husky what a machine.

Steel ice cubes, cool idea

This man was/is/will always be a fucken legend.

What a great shot eh?

 Race bikes are such simple things, but deep inside they are mysterious, moody, prone to sulking, and only really come alive at the end of their power bands. I love them.

 Was this a Krauser scheme?

 You spend years in the shed making things like this
 And minutes destroying them, sad

 The right Venerable, original Guzzi Le Man, just beautiful

 I still prefer the looks of the old school race bikes below to that of the new above
 Now this is an engine
 Fiats test track on their roof

 They should do this with a Panigalli engine

 Looks so different to my one

 Loving this mix of old and new

 No one survived

 Great Paint

 Ha they were pretty good in tractors as well

 Always had a thing for Katanas, only ever had one wouldn't mind some more
 This little bike made a million boys want to ride Trails

 A well finished cafe bike

 A Moto Bambina

 Nice shot of an R90S being used hard

 They look pretty cool with an old suit on too.


It's called lean angle versus traction versus inertia versus plain old mental

 A road registered TZ750 yoikks

 It's pretty busy at the pointy end of the game that's for sure.

 Not an inch given and every pass is as hard as it can be.

 The engineering these days is amazing

Radial fins were all the rage in an attempt to keep things cool.

 The late and great Robert Holdens Supermono, the last Ducati to win at the IOM

 Go on build it.

 I think the one below looks far better then the one above

 Dusty trails await you and call your name even late at night

Open roads chasing the sun also call your name.

Found these two just walking the beach, if you held them up close to your ears you could hear a strange purring noise.

Everyone needs a plan

I love Patrick, he's a hard case.

Shit I'm not going to let my dummies near the truck again if they dont use their safety belts, the first one to come out looks like he did a trip to the moon and back

OK, I'm getting a headache it times to get this out. Enjoy.