Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Hey Hey, well things are moving along quite well, had my latest medical , all good on that front so that's the main plus for the month, BUT and isn't there always a but shit loads of other stuff have been happening.  I've made an offer on a new premises here in Tauranga and over the past week have managed to get shit like company logos completed and my son Max has been setting up the web site. It's not live yet but will be in a few weeks once we get the links and bugs ironed out and I've got it looking just right. Below is the new logo and even a T shirt design that Max ( the wonder son) did for me to see what it would look like. I think it looks pretty bloody good. What do you reckon? I've also managed to secure a deal on customized open face helmets, but I have to go to France to finalize that one. No problems though I'll be there in 4 weeks time, my trip is a week away. Oh that reminds me the blog may be a bit stuttered over those weeks as I'm out and about enjoying the Europe sunshine, the Italian MotoGp, the Isle of Man, and catching up with both new friends and new business associates that I have made through these pages . So all in all pretty exciting times.
Anyway here is the latest from me to you, so spread the word, share as much as you can and above all enjoy. 

A stunning Ducati what a wonderful custom.
Yes he did!!!!! Lorenzo to Ducati, now we should really see what he is made of.

 The Scrambler Yeah Nah has really become a Yeah Yeah
 Even the little ones look well cool

 A message for that someone extra special in your life.
 Back in the day when the Italians and the Americans got together, it was a relationship that was doomed from the start, but the bikes were pretty cool. This one is beautiful

 Chris Birch trialing a new KTM

 They look bloody fantastic. The nicest tank in history


 I can see me from here

 Nicely done
 How nice is this Guzzi? It looks like it's doing 100mph just sitting there, great design

 A Goldwing Enduro bike, who would have thought

 What words do you use to describe these

 Nice collection
 Digging the seat design

 Stance mate

 Gaze in awe at craftsmanship

 I saw this outfit in Australia, the carb cables work through the bottom of the carbs and pull the slides down!!
 One of the most easily recognizable bikes in history

 This Guzzi has been here before but it's always worthy of another angle, it is prefection

 After clipping a few bails he made it around the corner

 pack all that shit under the seat

 On a quiet morning all that could be heard was valves bouncing off of the limiter and the gentle scrape of a knee puck
 One of the nicer paint jobs they had
 My GT awaits transformation

 They are starting to pop up now, 2 gone through my favorite shop Motomart already, apparently they handle quite well for a 'feet forward' motorcycle

 just missed out on this show, it looks brilliant lots of great custom cafes.

 And then his day turned to shit

 Liking the matt black paint scheme offset by the gold of the rim and the numbers, noice

 You don't need multi cylinder or Italian to have a nice bike, they look pretty cool as long as they are done well.

 This is just about as perfect as you can get

 My all time favorite time piece, the Monaco for Steve McQueen

 Check out these helmets, soon very soon I will have these for sale.
 Gotta get myself a cool old bus too, but later me thinks

 Don't they look nice

 This from that, my mate Tim had an exact same bike, bet he never thought that you could do this with it

 Oh yes what a cool boat

 This ones for you Pat

 There is some real money here being spent on motorcycles, God bless them

 Hmmm this was an ugly duckling when it came out, I guess you can really make anything look good given the time.

 Kiwi Ginger Molloy peddling back in the day.

 I really have no idea about this, taken at the marina in Tauranga, I think I heard that he could get 130 lures out in one go, but a bit sad really

 Great advertisement, I rteally like this

Pretty involved paint scheme, but it looks quite good.

 Who remembers these

 I cracked up when I saw this, imagine holding up that book in a busy train
 It's called scrubbing

 Aston Martin have done a boat, how cool is this?

A nice ending for this weeks heavy duty installment of the blog

Well that's it for the week, hope you all have a great start to winter, I'm outta here for a bit, I will try and get a few done while I'm away, bear with. Spread the word, Ciao for now.