Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Hey hey, here's the Easter  installment for you. She's pretty massive on account of you having a few days off and if the weather is bad what better way then to spend some time, unless of course your in your garage playing with your bikes,  that's nearly as good I think. So far this year I have managed to get over 100,000 hits, that's 33,000 a month!!!!! I've got people from all the world now checking out the blog. It's funny how motorcycles, girls, planes, engines, boats horse power and nice things attract people. I'm pleased that I can bring some of you ( a lot of you actually), together into this one place, just so you can grab a coffee, take a seat, have some peace and quiet and enjoy. So lets down to it.

Franco Farne RIP, Ducati stalwart, engineer, tuner and all round nice guy.

 As usual they do look pretty

 These look nice, it's the first time I have seen a glove maker actually put a tag to pull them on with on, as opposed to tearing gloves to pieces. Must haves me thinks. I just got mine in the post, not as good as you'd think, the knuckle protectors hit your fingers, and the material seems quite thin, initial fit is OK, but not quite there.

 Dont normally go for these, but this one impressed me a lot

Kiwi Bruce Anstey, a living IOM TT legend 

 Lesson 101 on cornering like a GP star

 Nice paint on Chrome

 New Zealand castrol Six Hour from the 80's

 When we were mostly chook chaser types

 These were the coolest bikes in their day, wait I'd still say they are the coolest bikes even today

 Highway use?

 This is about where it started really

 Build it, they will come

 The original Le man was a thing of beauty

 This is just serious

 We all thought that we were so cool back in the day

 Now these Honda's did look nice

This man deserves a beer, perhaps a lager?

 I've always liked this bike, infact if I was honest it was this bike that got me into Moto Guzzi big time.

New Zealand Ducatis at the National Ducati rally

New Zealand Ducatis at the National Ducati rally 

 This is cool

 Quality counts
 I made one of these once

 New Zealand Ducatis at the National Ducati rally

 I wonder what kept those tyres inflated

 Pipe porn

 Didn't like Targas but this ones pretty horn

New Zealand Ducatis at the National Ducati rally 

 Adventure riding in New Zealand, the places you can go are just out there

 Kel playing with Kenny's tool
 FZ750 engine in a dirty bike

 well done that bike transformer

 nice wee bike

 Here's that dirt bike again

New Zealand Ducatis at the National Ducati rally 
 New Zealand Ducatis at the National Ducati rally

 XR600 and I was like Braaapppp a scene from a back road early in the evening somewhere in New Zealand.

New Zealand Ducatis at the National Ducati rally 

 New Zealand Ducatis at the National Ducati rally

Salvador rode a Honda chopper, that may explain an awful lot

Superbikes in the snow

Now I do like these, in fact this is probably the only Harley I would ever consider owning

 A CX done well

 Kenny did try out a Ducati, it's true here's the proof

 Now is this just beautiful paint, you can struggle for years to build a nice bike, but if you fuck up the paint well you've lost the battle, paint work like this does not come easily. All hand painted and striped. You can see a waver in the tank stripe, but that adds to it as being real and not manufactured.

 The mighty Titan epic motorcycles


 And I was like Braaaapppppp
 All the way home

They do shake around just a bit

OK then that's a happy Easter wrap. I hope you enjoyed it, if not the knitting class is just down the hall. have a great Easter weekend, Lets hope we get some riding in eh? Ciao.