Monday, 12 December 2016

Merry Christmas to you all, what a year eh? This will be the last post for the year leading up to Christmas, so I have made a bumper issue for you all, some new photos and some that I have taken from the past issues that I have liked. Wow, and I mean Wow, I have just seen the stats for the site and over 4,000,000 hits this year, that's got to be some sort of record, so thank you to all of you who visit and share, it's been amazing. And than you to all the people who have contacted me with images and thoughts that's been particularly pleasing as the feedback has been 100% positive and that must mean that I am doing something good, or something that you all enjoy. But what isn't there to enjoy, motorcycles, aviation, cars, food, my own personal tastes in watches and in woman ( that I know you all appreciate as well). Someone said to me the other day when we down south that they thought the blog was a natural progression of my own personality and when I sit here with a Bourbon in hand and look at the site I guess he was right, so I am pleased that we all think alike and I am pleased that you all keep coming back and enjoying the images. So without further what ever Merry Christmas and enjoy this longer then normal post as it's going to have to last you a while. If you get bored you can always go back 2013 when I started and go through the site back there, even that is still pretty bloody cool, enjoy and Merry Christmas, see you on the road.

I just love the exactness and the precision of this image, I can imagine the guy sitting back and looking at this and going "Fuck yeah".

When 2 or 3 or even 4 just isn't enough.

And some more images from the Timaru Classic that we just visited.

This is a gearbox for a helicopter!!!!!!!

On the way home.

Check out the shorts

How cool would this be to drag out at 6 in the morning?

We should have these all over New Zealand, but we aren't allowed due to health and safety.

I remeber these see through bowls on Lectrons, very cool idea

Photo Bombing like a pro!!!!!

New booties

Love this little van., and I think the inspiration for my next color scheme.

The Diavel swinging out on the road south.
I'm going to get one!!!!!

The new KTM 1290 sure does seem to have the goods

Testing a Saturn 5 rocket, this is horsepower
He's still looking up the track

Some old Lizards enjoying the days racing, check out the Carbonart Customs T shirt sitting there

Very very pretty
As is this.

The best of them all an R designated Kawasaki, noice

This years Long Lunch was a great event, next years one is going to be even bigger, but it's a secret.

Me again

Forged, milled, bent, hand crafted work lovingly put together so you can have fun on a higher plain.

What was that?..........

 My first round case restoration, it was lovely a  bike.
My first race bike too

 1/2 my Kawasaki team sitting in Te Aroha
It seemed so much simpler in those days, buy a bike tear the shit off of it and go racing.

 Love the way the drainage even is a 111

It's called commitment.

I aspire to workmanship like this, we have some clever talented bastards out there thats for sure

You know what I am going to say " It's all about the paint"

Katanas stored as far as the eye can see.

Go on then give it a kick, I dare you.

Full throttle, opened as wide as it will go.

Edam cheese makers made this barrel.

Me good mate Haydn and I at a dessert Storm a few years back, oh what fun we had.

The mad Viking, this guy is off the scale as far as nutters are concerned.

Harley's new model the "snoad Queen".

This looks like a bit of a hoot

This is one big Turbo.

You call that a truck, this is a truck!!!!
Even an ugly engine ( come on they are), can be transformed into a thing of beauty.

Scotty, this ones for you to drool over. Say yes please say yes.

Love the size of the oil feeds into the bearings, I mean how do you even begin to make something like this. It has to be the Dutch, they always do crazy shit like this.

So in winding up for the year, and in response to all your comments and images provided

Now I'm off to throw a line, flick a fly and catch me some trout, Merry Christmas once again to you all. See you down the road and on the other side of 2016.