Saturday, 30 March 2019

Hey hey how's it all going out there in the big www? Whats been happening? From my end plenty. The Ducati MHR is coming along fine, just spent the morning putting new seals in all the brakes and replacing the bolts for stainless. I've got a bag here about the same size as a bag of chippies full of the old bolts and I've still a way to go!!!!. All the electrics are back in and seem to work, my truck is full of exhausts and little chrome bits waiting to go to chrome. I've also had my petrol tank full to the brim with vinegar to get rid of the rust. Never tried that before but shit, you should see the inside of my tank, clean as a babies bum, I was astounded by the results, absolutely brand new again. Once you tip the vinegar out you fill the tank full of water and baking soda to neutralize the acids and then your good to go. The lizards are all booked for the next long lunch next year, now that's planning, a big ride down south for a good ride, we haven't stepped out since Napier last October, so really looking forward to that. I will most definitely have the Guzzi by then, so it will be its first big full on 5000 k ride, can't wait. Actually, I think I may head down to Wellington in the next couple of weeks and do just that. Keep you posted. Well enough of me, on with this weeks installment. Please remember to share, and re post. All good see you next time.

 Bastards never let me ride it, I mean I've had plenty of 2 stroke motorcycles in mah dahhhh

 Noice mite noice

 And this is what a Ducati race bike from the old days starts out as

 Because I can.............

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 Who didn't want one, come on own up who didn't want one? The Ahh Pash Hay

 Done up by hand apparently, then heated, amazing really

 A Porsche 917 chassis weighs just 43 Kilograms!!!!!!!!!

 Love and lust

 The Irony eh?

 Taken at Manfield, I so so lusted after one of these, believing that it was not attainable, then 3 years later I had the first 916SP in the country and a week after that we were racing.

 Nice space to talk shit about motorcycles over a JD or 3
 Now that's a high jump

 Poetry in carbon, Ducati do know how to it, bringing class to the masses

 I'll bet $100.00 that he has a pocket full of jets

 I'd love to paint like this


 Three wide on springs.....gulp


 The Doctor leads them up the hill for the first time

 What a great shot of one of the masters

 You'd think wouldn't you that they'd lay the stripes with the seat on first, it pisses me off when I see things that seemingly would be so simple.

 The Britten single, pity that it never got more then this
 sex on wheels
 But then so is this

 Weren't we funny in the day, advertising guru's going to town
 No calories in mud, you'll be fine
 This is the MHR that I am restoring at the moment, on the day I bought it home

And it's that time again ( shit come on Tag I'm still waiting for you). So there you go another episode for you all to muse over, winter is coming up for us down here,. I'm already seeing posts talking about the first rides out from our Northern Hemisphere brothers and sisters. So nearly time to put the bikes into the shed and start contemplating what needs to be done, new paint, new handle bars, that long overdue service, tyres, fix that broken exhaust that you got on that ride months ago. Make sure you have a good supply of JD or whiskey on hand, and call your mates around, perhaps even put a small barbie on too and do a couple of big German sausages, washed down with a nice lager. You know what I am saying. Gather your mates around, have a good time, and do bike shit.