Thursday, 20 November 2014

OK, OK I lied, I am away this week, but I have prepared an earlier version for you all to enjoy while I'm gone. Enjoy, and if you don't, go somewhere else, this is not a place for you if you don't enjoy this sort of stuff. If there's not one image where you don't go back to have another look, I will buy you a beer, but it will have fruit in it. Enjoy this little interlude in your life.
Actually last week I got an email back from a friend of mine who said to me that looking at the blog was kind of like being out riding, there was an inner peacefulness in just sitting down and viewing, that all else just fades away, and I guess he's right, I find that too when I am putting them together, both this one and my interior design blog. they are very cathartic to me.

My first Guzzi project below, I had a lot of fun customizing it, but never got to ride it that much because a bloody 4 valve Daytona came along. The Guzzi below cost me just over $2K to start with. Now I have received some small gripes about the amount of images glorifying woman, you know what? And just for that there is an extra lot in this weeks.

 If you like what you see there are a whole bunch of these coming into Motomart this summer, go down there and put down your hard earned sovs on one of these, and then there are guys on the Coast that will do this for you for a few thousand, and Gotten Himmel there you have it. Nice

 Always liked these, not too sure about the color but there you go each to his own.
 1 handed wheelie two up on the kwaka thou, good work young man.

 Now we're talking

 The ugliest prettiest Guzzi there is. I have lusted after the Centauro for a long time, they are nice but ugly
 This guy actually rides, loves to put his helmet on and forget about everything else. Just like us.

 Nice, would love one of these

This is a lovely little Ducati cafe check out the quality of the workmanship, simple, elegant

 get out there and ride
 Apparently these , these things go really really well. They have a BMW 1000cc engine in them.
 Yesterday and today Doohan and Marquez, all down to tires, chassis and balls

 My mate Pete got into the depot book, champagne and paper for lunch please, nice

 A barn find in Texas, these were the planes they used in the movie battle of Britain and the engines are all Merlins, even thought they are in Messerschmidts

This cracked me up, suicide club indeed

 Lovely little RD

 With out doubt my favourite

 Mike and James show

 An LS650 Suzuki, i quite like this one, love the old tank

 A very purposeful CX500. The venerable Plastic maggot, my god it's had some years in it's life
 I know who used to race this bike, he did quite well on it.

My first race bike was one of these

 Quite like this old MV

Are we just fucked in this country???? 7 people to put up 1 basket. Really???

 And now you know

 Nice meeting place

 Cool space to retreat to

 Fuck I laughed and laughed when I saw this, especially the ciggie going exit stage left, turns out thumpees slagged of the thumpers girlfriend. he just happened to be a Russian boxing champ. The guys following up are now thinking "Fuckski meski".
 Me please, let me go
 Malcolm Smith, a bloody ledgend

You'd want to smack this twit wouldn't you

Found these images of my 750 round-case racer that I built. I loved this bike, cost over $60K, sold for $14K

 Check out that engine
 This engine was sent all over the world to have work done on it. Italy, California, Sydney, Perth, it's had some pretty famous hands laid on it.

 My last race at Wanganui