Thursday, 27 June 2019

Greetings to you all. How's the cold treating you all , not you lucky buggers in the Northern hemisphere, heatwaves and 40 plus temperatures, lucky you. Another busy week for me. Unfortunately, I got some of my paint back for the MHR and as lovely as it is, I have to send it back as it appears there are two color reds ( the shade difference is minuscule, but it has to be concours and one of the green decals has been put on upside down, and slightly out of alignment. A simple mistake and my painter is going to be beside himself, I feel for him because he's done such a good job. Can't recommend him enough actually, he loves doing bikes, and is a rider himself. Anthony from KSV Painters in Tauranga, if you need paint check this guy out. Mention me, he'll roll his eyes, because I'm a fussy bastard ( as Gordy knows), but he loves doing bikes, so give him a go.

I have one of these in the shop at the moment, but can't start it until I have the MHR finished
A Toyota 2000 being loaded up in Japan, these are very rare, and also very nice

A lovely XJR, love the Homage to the old TZ's duck tail, well done bike

Lancia's were amazing. I was fortunate enough to have a drive of one these things while in London, it was tiny, hot, noisy and outrageously fast.

Track days, give them a go, so much fun

A very nice Le Man

Freddie's toy
It's called stance

Also drove one of these while in London as well, had to deliver it to some mansion deep in Kent, got lost getting there, but shit I had some fun on those little country lanes, epic day finished off with a couple pints and a long train trip home. 100 quid in the bank for delivery, oh yeah

A Kiwi built bike built out of an outboard engine.

Nah, it's time to change

Marilyn was and still is a beautiful woman, never seen this image of her before

Scotty scrubbing in a front

Just having a good time, it's what life is supposed to be about, dance like a fool and fuck everyone else

It wasn't called the Savage for no good reason

This thing will be a menace when it's released, look out KTM SMR, you've been relegated to last

These things came out with 130 tyres on the back, we were gob smacked at how big it was. A truly capable touring sports motorcycle for the day.

This is the NCR replica that i have in my shop, it's pretty nice, but needs my attention

Google toild me that my image file was too large, I thought what file? So went and had a look, and these images from years ago popped up. This was a replica that i built 14 odd years ago. pretty chuffed with this build actually. Unfortunately having spent over $60K on it, I sold it for $14K. What was I thinking.? I wonder what it would be worth now eh?

Spent a fair bit of time working out the cross over linkages, I had not spent much time with the gear and brake on the wrong side, I had another GT 750 for the road, but things happen somewhat slower on the road than on the track, and I didn't want any mishaps.

My XJR sitting in front and my GT sitting in back, my garage was a wonderful place then

And Rotax max carts everywhere as well.
What a wonderful engine that was

And that my friends is that, I'll finish off with this wonderful image, of biker friends enjoying an early evening meal together, and I'm guessing we all know the topic of conversation. Enjoy have a great weekend, see you all next week.