Monday, 24 October 2016

Hello once again...hows it all going for you all?  getting ready for summer or in some instances getting ready for winter? Either way it's all about riding bikes, working on bikes, talking about bikes, and being with bikes. You gotta love it really. Well once again it's been a very busy week, I've delivered bikes to Auckland, and Taupo in the past few days and I've certainly been busy with them, which is all good. Saw the images of the new BMW cafe style bike last week and for once instantly like what the factory are doing, very smart looking machine and I am sure that they will sell a few as well. The northern hemisphere bike show scene is still rocking on with the Bike Shed seemingly leading the way up there, jeeze they have some fantastic bike builders up there. I have noticed a few cafe/rat style bikes appearing on our sales sites down here, and I have to say that some of them are quite under whelming. I mean a KZ400 with some drop bars and a tatty hump seat is not worth $9000 just because its a cafe style bike. I think some people really under value the benefits of having a properly built and engineered bike with the end result of a highly confusing cafe bike scene. Like for example if you saw a custom cafe styled Harley that someone is trying to sell for $80K your natural instinct is to say " no way they aren't worth that". But when you get into the bike and find out what has been done, they are worth every penny. I have a friend here who has a Triumph Thruxton that he has spent $65K on and the new Thruxton has just come out and is selling for $29K, it kind of makes his bike look over-priced. He wants $35K for it, and when you get into the bike and see the engineering, the workmanship and the construction of the bike it is amazing, and you know that it is worth more then that. Someone will appreciate it for what it is and will end up with a totally refined one off beautiful motorcycle. So be careful out there make sure you know what you are looking for and take the time to appreciate the great workmanship that we have going on here. Having said that at the end of the day it is all personal, you will buy or build what you want, and that is the most important thing.

Jet powered trains in Russia, how cool would that be?


 Nice paint work

 These bikes have been overlooked for so long, but are starting to come into their own

 personally I would have killed the guy who laid up that fiber.

 Power means heat, heat means larger cooling

 This young lady has it going on that's for sure.

 Check out the carbon work on the Triumph

 They were pretty cool in their day, and even more so now.
 This FBF Ducati turned up in CHCH last week, I remember it when it was on the track many many moons ago, very very fast

 I still can't work out this bike. All those angles makes it a very confusing bike to look at.

 The front end of a very famous New Zealand motorcycle

 Normally they are walking the other way.

 The New World Champion. I often wondered what happens to the helmets and the T shirts of the guys who very nearly won the championship but didn't? There must be some dusty closets somewhere full of helmets.

 I'll bet that sounds beautiful.

 In it's day this was the Bomb!!!!!
 As was this. I've just bought a very nice F1750, looking forward to having it here.

So and there you go, that's the end of another weeks installments. Sitting here doing this when I should be working, but hey what's life all about eh? You just gotta have some fun. Now get back to your garages and start those winter projects, or get out there on the road. have a great week, catch you all next week. Oh off to the Big Boys Toys this week, got a couple of bikes to show/sell, so if you see me call by, stop have a chat. Ciao .