Monday, 28 November 2016

Well that was another week. I must admit that my days seem to blur together what with working and my continued recovery. Somedays are really great and others, well I just seem to run out of puff, but the show must go one. Sold a couple more bikes this week, which is always good and managed to get another couple complete and ready for sale too, which is even better. I am still constantly amazed at the work of some builders out there, there is some seriously nice work going on that's for sure. The shop is coming on, this week I have purchased the new TIG welding plant, a planishing hammer, a stand alone polishing center and a linishing machine. Over the next few months I've got a small lathe and a bearing press to be installed as well. So the shop is steadily coming together, it's all small steps really.Last week I installed my English wheel and my band saw. Once I get everything that I need, it will be rip the shop apart and put everything where it's supposed to be, so still lots of work to go. I've also got 15-18 new bikes arriving in the next few weeks as well. Don't know how I am going to fit it all in, what with our trip to the South island and a high country fishing trip planned in there as well. The it's Wellington for big medical check ups, Christmas, Boxing day races, and new year. Where has it all gone, 2016 certainly was a year to look back on and say "Phew that was a ride and a half". I've learnt a lot this year, lost some good friends and made a few more, and continue to learn as well. I guess that's the lesson really, continue to change and strive to be what you want to be.  Anyways I ramble, what I'm trying to say to you all, is get out there, get on with it, and do what makes you feel good.

Sexy engine, great shot

Look how tiny these bikes were.

New Zealand certainly has some nice bikes tucked away in sheds and garages, this one was pulled out last week to be ridden again. Well done.

Sprinkled in the page this week, is a sequence of photos about the survival of the Rockers and the lifestyle that that was. can you tell the father and son in this image? great images and even better for being in Black and white.
Still the nicest bike

There's a kind of loneliness to these images, I like the mood it captures
John Kosinski still hammers out a mean race.

Based on the 675 Triumph, 180 hp, 140kg, that's the right kind of figures

A BMwuell?

 This is how we generally left school

It makes you wonder really

There seem to be a few Ducati in the blog this week. C'mon you Guzzi guys your not doing your work

That's better

Still a beautiful shape

My good friend John Boote racing the first TZ750 that was released by Yamaha

What an image

Horse power of the rocket kind

 These are the new gates for the Panama canal!!!!!

My first race bike was one of these.

Who remebers these evil little things?
Mark burning it up on the flat track, is this guy talented or what?

I had something similar once.

Love the snap fit brake lines, very trick

The bike that started it for most people of my generation, oh sure, we had RD's, and CB750's, and 900 Kawasakis but these were the first race replica bike you could buy for the street, and boy did they go well.
Things obviously do go better with Coke.

Great drawing

And with that, I'm putting on my holiday hat and going riding, hope to see some of you down south as we travel through.