Sunday, 28 October 2018

Good morning to the world, and hello once again to you all. Had a pretty hectic week, losing shit, finding shit, and basically progressing the bike builds. I've got a number of motorcycles here for sale that i need to get gone, so I'm prepared to do a few deals to see them out the door, so that i can get on with the new stuff. I've got a stunning GT1000 classic, a really nice wee 796 Monster tri color, a really low K's KTM SMR950 ( the last of a the carbed versions, and a very very nice Ap[rilia shiver as well. So if you phone and said you saw this on the web site, I will knock a further $500 off of the list prices that I have on TradeMe. Now some of these bikes I reduced even further last week by over a grand, so someone is going to get some pretty good buys. Well enough of the sales pitch, here's this weeks blog for you all to enjoy, so share, like, follow my page just get on and enjoy this weeks stunning array of images and shit, that I like. Hope you do too.

TYhe master in his den, loved watching this guy race, he is to me, the best of them all.

How cool is this?

Classic good looking motorcycle, clean lines, and ageless really

This is what happens when you leave a plane loaded with 50 caliber bullets and someone presses the triggers, the next plane along....pooooffff

Electrical problem, the crank blew the generator off

It's gone man, time to pull over

The new Katana.....jury out till I see it in the flesh, certainly dont like the hi bars, thats just wrong for a Katana


I can see the problem here

Don't know when this was taken, but that's a lot of bikes, just as well there's no speed limit

Now that's about as perfect as you can get

Some young gay looking guy back in the early 80's, Jesus what was I thinking

MotoGp is on in a couple of hours

paint, paint, paint, I keep telling you

A tribute to all those great welders out there, just stunning, oh how I wish i could do this

They call it laying pennies

 The venerable Phantom, I had so many models of this plane when I was a wee tacker
 That's a big ouch, right turn 3 right, I mean 3 left, I mean 50 meters wee jump, 4 right, slow for tree

Right thats all for this week, I'm sliding right out of here, see you all next week, enjoy your time on ride, and take absolutely nothing for granted, it may be the last time you pass that way.