Thursday, 30 July 2015

Massiver, and masiver here' it is.
I've often been accused of being one eyed when it comes to motorcycles. I don't think that's fair. I like all motorcycles. I also like a whole lot of other things as well as is apparent from the images contained here in. It seems that my preferences are also shared by yourselves. Situation normal then. This weeks collection of images is brilliant if I do say myself, so get into it and enjoy.

 Pretty little Ducatis all in a row.

 Probably the most famous photo of Barry Sheene.
 Oh yeah Toyota have been building some great cars for a while now.
 You can't beat good upholstery and a good eye for detail, love that pinstripe.

 The best race color scheme this year.

 This is classic brake porn
 Nice shot.
 Triumphs are quite easy to make look even better

 A stunning rendition of the old 600TT pantah race bikes, by the twin spark 1000 modern day Ducati
 Love this view.

 A very untidy van, holding some of what are arguably the most famous bikes in the world.

 This is the pits!!!!

 Detail, detail, it's really quite simple.

 One of the main bikes to start it all really, Thank you Yamaha.

 A very sexy CX500. No really it is, it had to be dressed as a Ducati to do it, but it does look nice

 Kind of looks like a CR250 Elsinore

 Check out the engineering going on here, take a minute and have a look at every component.

 POlishing the Hubble mirrors

 Ditch the tank mate.

 Instantly recognizable, if you don't know what bike this is off, you should not be here.

 Croz out for a wee run.


 It was a pity that this placed burned down.

 This is lovely. And again it's in the detail, check out the work.

 Rossi in the trees, great shot.

 MotoGP Suzuki's have a new color scheme, I approve whole heartedly

 Your daily dose of Vitamin C.

 It's Dick Man.

 That triumph again.

 Another nice Triumph

 These are brand new con rods for a 750 round case Ducati bike. Believe when I say these are absolutely beautiful.

 And yet another nice Triumph

 This is the next bike scene, you heard it first here, there is going to be a revolution in the bike building world using big 2 strokes and making them into these. Check it out, I'd have one.

 Lovely work

 I've never seen that 750 badge before? Not with the GT underneath.

 here's an engine from ClassicDucati, this work is the best.

 I liked this image, start them young I say

 I just love em all, all types, all brands, everything about them.

 These are Bridgestone goats.

 I've seen this done crap time and time again, for all those people out there thinking of wrapping your exhausts, here's how to do it.

 Awe that's just beautiful

 I am really liking these at the moment.

 And here's a good old fashioned ending, see you all next week.