Thursday, 31 July 2014

I always have a bit of a chuckle when I see these old motocross images, the guys always looked like they have a carrot stuck up their arses, you go back and have a look in your old magazines ( I know you still have some, every self respecting motorcyclist does) and check out the posture.

Nice paint, very nice paint

Now this is a crank!!!!!!!

Must have a very hot vagina

getting a bit sideways to say the least

A pretty unremarkable image until you check out the back wheels.

And again in color

The XJR really is a brute of a bike, built for all sizes, if you haven't ridden one, go find one and ride it, you will be impressed.

Me thinks he has a problem, apart from looking the wrong way!!!!!

A creative solution to flat tires, pretty good I thought

This is an engineering exercise in strength, rigidity and flex

These guys must have great sponsors if this is the support car.

Another engine about to let go.

Check out the rims..........
KTM's MotoGP3 effort, pretty impressive

Dainese airbag systems to protect the rider in case of an unscheduled stop and dismount
Yamaha MT01 running up[

Pretty fancy schmansy, and more than a bit Gay.

A works race bike minus engine

Now I did like this, money and a SIM card pretty much the basics for any travel really

Mr. Lawson, he almost looks child like here, who would have thought that he would go on to win 4 world titles and become known as a bit of a hard bastard.

Been for a walk down here, this is the Ducati factory

Power pure Power

These angry little bastards used to be every where, but now your lucky if you see just 1. Where did they all go?

This is a standard XJR in case you were wondering, this ones a 1200 but they do come in a 1300 too. Fantastic motorcycles that will run and run and run


I'm watching you sick puppy, I'm watching.