Tuesday, 30 September 2014

This is the Konig, it was made from an outboard motor and designed built and raced ( and very nearly won the world Championship) by a New Zealander Kim Newcombe.

I'd be fucken running too.

Is this the meanest little VW you've ever seen

Mines nearly ready

That's a 500cc Yamaha engine beside a much bigger engine component

A mate of mine playing on one of my race bikes from years ago.

I remeber dispatching in London and having to ride down lanes like this when you delivering something special out into the country, not knowing where the fuck you were going, and all of a sudden out of no where a fuck off mansion appears, a butler signs the package, you turn around in the quiet and thing "fuck which way is London". haha those were the days, oh well of t bloody pub for quick pint and pork pie.

Shit, this image took me back, my DT175 could smell rain from about 3 days away ha ha
We pretty much cleaned up that year, fast, loud and very very red.

Go and see the boys at Motomart, the best shop in Wellington and talk to them about these things.

Chris on one of the first incarnations of the Britten

XJR's make a beautiful basis for a real nice motorcycle.
Chris on an even earlier Britten

That engine is really what it is all about, there hasn't been an engine like this before or since, Oh OK the Vincent, the Yamaha MT-01, the David Brown...... This is the Dr.John race bike that started it all for Guzzi again.

Nice, nice nice

This is what my Guzzi started out as.

Well there you go, another perfect ending, and it's all over with a flash. The Distinguished gentleman's ride was postponed last week due to inclement weather and dapper bastards don't get wet ( it makes the mustaches sag don't you know), so it's on this weekend instead. Will keep you posted.