Sunday, 22 September 2019

Well I don't know what happened last week, but some malicious little prick reported the blog to Facebook and as a result they have banned me from posting this fine blog to Facebook, which is where most of my readers come from, so for now, I have to leave it sitting here, and people actually have to get up from Facebook and go find the blog. Pretty pissed off really, I mean there is nothing on here that is malicious, or prohibited, or even pornographic, nothing, but there you go I suppose, it takes all sorts in the world to make it go round, and I guess the person who reported it had nothing better to do. So the blog is still here, it is still live just not on Facebook. I do also post the blog to twitter and to pinterest as well, which is where you can find it also. So the MHR is sold, the F1 is sold, sold a mates Guzzi for him, so all in all a pretty busy week. I shouldn't have sold the MHR, because it was such a lovely restoration and when it was finished it was a brand new motorcycle, but I'm hoping to get a couple more soon, or at least some bevels or some Guzzis which ever turn up.
So anyways, I';m doing this blog early and am going to try and post to Facebook so fingers crossed that they have got their shit sorted and will allow me to post.

I just liked this shot

I built one of these a few years back, wish I still had it.

Pretty interesting anti dive going on here

This is actually a 900 Supersport made to look like an F1

Me want......

I hope he listens to me next time

MotoGp is lighting up, great racing, true champions, it has it all


Ing Taglioni, I wonder if Ducati ever kept his board?

Captain America meeting it's demise
Pretty nice work going on here

This is about as perfect as you can get. This is exactly what i want to own and ride.

The Hoover dam before they finished it

A worthy New Zealand motorcycle champion Courtenay Duncan, well done

How nice is standard today


 My very first TS 250 was this one, same color everything $620.00 second hand $675.00 brand new, mine had 100kph on the clock.

Or want

Now this, gets up and flies, I was amazed to watch it the other day, jesus it takes off.

It's called torque

A few upgrades for Rossi's M1R, all very tasty.