Saturday, 28 March 2020

Sunday already, wow what a week eh? Streets are really quiet, the truck drivers are actually enjoying their work, due to no cars on the roads, and deliveries seem to be quicker. 1 Road death this week, that'll make the stats look good at the end of the year i guess. But it all seems so surreal, I've been going for walks and the lack of traffic makes it seem like the Zombie apocalypse is happening, it even seems as if the bird life know somethings up. very strange, but hey it is what it is, and we all have to play our part on making sure that we can eradicate this damn thing. So I'll keep this short, here's yet another little bit of our worlds for you to enjoy while you site at home. Enjoy and stay safe.

 MotoGP girls, why is this not normal here?
 Lightning does strike twice

 You fool, unwritten rule , never crash with a pillion on board.

 All polished and ready to rip
 Some of the Lizards a couple of years ago, with another legend
 One of the guys above is in the photo below.

 On it's way here, be interesting to see it in the fleash, they all seem to like it.

 Pretty little T3, love these bikes

 Kevin and Eddie had a wee bif

 That Beach Boys song 'first gear, it's alright' could go on for ever in this gearbox

 The IOM back int day

 These are still a very capable bike, and can still be had for surprisingly very very little

 Grand stand collapse

Be nice to self isolate here
Be even nicer if we could all do this as well.