Thursday, 22 February 2018

Well there you go, late last week and this week kind of on time. Got over my weekend away, and straight back into the bikes getting them vinned and complied and ready for sale. I have to say that when you work on so many different varieties of bikes you get to see really clever engineering and on the other end of the scale absolutely crap engineering. Ever tried to remove a spark plug from the rear cylinder of a Buell? My god what a fricken job that is. The other thing that happened this week, I was removing a clutch package from a 796 Monster, wet clutch etc etc. You know that moment when you pull something apart and you can feel tension and the moment it releases things go Boing Bounce spring, and you just catch out the corner of your eye something skittering across the floor? Well I had one of those moments, three small springs that hold the pressure plate off of the basket, shit what a nightmare. Turns out one of these had come loose was bent to all get out and thats what was causing the issues. So live and learn I guess. It's good to be working on bikes again after the last few months that's for sure. Had some old mates call into the shop yesterday, that was good to see them. These guys are hard riders and have now done every road in the North island, it's taken a long time, but they have it completed. And their bikes looked like it as well, used hard and ridden hard. Great to catch up guys, if your reading this.? So any hows on with this weeks installment for your enjoyment and private viewing pleasure.....enjoy

V4 Ducati crank, ohhh look at that's to reduce drag through the oil.

My precious

The long Lunch affair was quite an affair. It took an awful lot of easy ups to get us all out of the Wairarapa sun that's for sure.

Pretty Guzzi

Robert and Sir Al. Al was quoted as saying that Robert was the best rider in the world

Just stop for a second and look at that motor..........just go back and have another look

NR750 Honda in case you were wondering

If you see one of these for sale in New Zealand give me a call urgently please. One of the ones that got stolen.

Likewise this jacket, I will pay $1000 to get this back.

An old photo but was pleased Aaron called around and agreed to have this image taken wearing one of my shirts

 Really liked this bike, it's up for sale again i believe

The first 'Lizard' ride was epic above and beyond all propportions

So there you go, had a bit of a file clear out ( as you can tell), so I'm now back to an empty file, all ready to start over again. Enjoy that last of the summer wine if your in the southern hemisphere, and all you guys and girls in the North get your bikes ready it's nearly your turn again. having said that i think we are still in for a few months yet of great riding weather. Time to get that KTM Superduke GT out again. See you all again soon