Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Good Morning to you all. Hows things going out there? Well some of us will know that winter is really here and some of you will be enjoying the warmer weather in the Northern Hemisphere. Must admit to being pretty jealous of the images coming in from up there, everyone out meeting other riders, mates and groups all riding in warmer climates. But it will be our turn soon. Been pretty busy here spent the last ten days getting bikes complied and parts turning up from all over the place. Setting up a shop ( and a home) is pretty time consuming. So this weeks blog has a lot of new images in it, but it also has a kind of the 'best of' as well from images that I have collected and used in the long forgotten past that are worthy of being seen again. I've been so busy you see and not having internet except on my phone has been a bit of a drag it's been almost too hard to get to the blog. But as of yesterday I am up and running on full fiber so all should be good.
So without further delay here's this weeks lot of inspiration for you and keep an eye out for web site as well.
As a bit of a bonus I have arranged a deal in that any bike I sell for the next month each purchaser will get a brand new Bell Helmet open face thrown in for FREE. Yes that's right for FREE. So check out the bikes and keep an eye out for my GT1000 sports classic that will be featured at the big boys toys in Auckland next month, it's so close to being finished it's not funny. All I am waiting on is the custom decals that i am having made for it, once they are on it's clear coats and its ready for sale. As I said last week it's not really like work when you love doing what you love doing. It's like I'm playing in my garage full time.

Trying to buy one of these right now

Pretty little ZRX

And why not eh?

I predict that two strokes will make a strong run this next year as the bikes to cafe and modify.
Nice garage to walk out to I reckon.

Shit yes lets NOS this Egli

Now that does look smart in the tri color

Really like this guys attitude

Got an order in for a couple of these too.

Way cool delivery truck

I love images of guys going fast

This bike has stance. Plain and simple it just looks right, all you builders out there could learn a thing or two about making things look right as opposed to just adding bits for the sake of it. The idea is to trim it down, lighten it and give it a go fast look just sitting there. This bike has that

If that aerial wasn't there you could see my old home
Very cool

Great paint, a different color scheme but the same, very nice bike

Trouble is on the way I'd say
See now how nice does this bike look, clean simple and fast

Hmmm a bit too much bling for me, but an important part of the motorcycle build scene for sure.

Of to the IOM

Stunning color leather and how nice is this interior

My shop will look like this sooner rather then later, it's about the same size.

Now this guy and that R1 are ledgends

Some people prefer to travel like this to see the country, me? I'd rather be on a bike.

Somewhere in NZ there's always a Tiger Moth in the air

I miss mine that's for sure, I think that bike was somewhere in the 70's of the 106 bikes I've owned


Where the magic happens, I've said this before, if your building a rat bike it doesn't matter but if your doing something else it all boils down to a great paint job
 This lady is from The Big Bang comedy, she is stunning
 Stopped and spoke to guys from Nelson who built this bike. It was a very very good build and the work that went into it just shone through. I like a lot

 Perhaps one of the most stunning bike designs ever, even if it did take some ques from the oppposition ( those air vents in the front directly from the Yamaha of the day).

 Here she is again OUCH!!!!

 And the best for last.....it's not often that I'm lost for wards, but she is GORGEOUS.

Anyways enough dreaming, it's time to go get some bikes through their brake Decs and get them complied and registered. Oh a big thank you to my mate Paul O'Conner from Auckland who graciously took a couple of days away from his own busy schedule to help me last week. We got 5 bikes up and running, I wouldn't have been able to do it without his help. Funny thing as we were pulling out carbs and cleaning jets and bowls, taking clutches off of Ducatis and fixing the myriad of little things there was so much that I had forgotten from my racing days that came flooding back, and by the end of the week I was pretty much up to speed again.
So keep building, keep designing, keep up that late nights in the Garages all over the world, it's better that way.