Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Another week blasts on by heading directly into summer. Had a good day out on Sunday for the Distinguished Gentleman's ride. Was good to see a whole bunch of my customers out enjoying their new rides. There was also some very pretty trick customs amongst them as well. Heading to Japan in a couple of weeks for a little look at the importation side of the business as well. Shame that Motegi MotoGP will be on while we are there, that should be good, and am looking forward to seeing Mr Rossi ride, shit he's a bloody legend , don't you think 28 days after a serious leg breaking and he puts that bike on the front row of the grid and places 5th!!!!! Not too bad for an old guy. So the ruling over our Superbike championship has come to an end, with the rightful winner being awarded the championship, it's taken some time, but it is now all finalised thank goodness. Never to good for our sport being tied up in legal battles. But the show must go on I suppose and so must my blog. So here it is. A few more ladies in it this week as I clear out the files and get my PC storage back to a reasonable size again, I am sure you won't mind that much.


There was always one in your group, that would say "OK, I'll give it a go".

Got a couple of these arriving in a few weeks time, really like the look of this one.
Lovely steel work, if this doesn't get you excited you must be dead.
Very pretty. I'm looking for a tank just like this if you know of anyone that has one. call me.

She's getting hot in there

Great shot
Drool, check out this garage

Not bad for a 'standard' bike, like it's look.

Hmmm not usually a side car fan , but at least it's been done well.

How handsome is this bike. To think that they were $3.5 k once

What a fantastic shot eh?

Go boys......

An MT09 done up to look like a TZ, very well done

Now this thing is off the charts, really out there, stunning motorcycle

2 Times World Superbike champion Fred Merkle working hard out in taupo

A whole bunch of hornets sitting waiting

Great paint, not usually a fan of this, but this is well done

Licked clean I reckon

The eyes have it....great shot of a true world champion

Aint that the truth

These are or have already become very collectible, I've seen one for sale as low as $12K, pitty I didn't buy it.

 I love this shot, my other passion is fly fishing and after 20 odd years I still can only aspire to cast like this. Looking at this image last night, I was in a bit of a quandary, I have a nice week long tour around the South Island with my fellow lizards coming up to go and meet some people, press the flesh no what I mean and to watch the CAMs classic, but I was also invited to go heli fishing that same week. So I've decided that fishing in this instance will take precedence, so time to unpack and check that raft, tent, and all my high mountain river fishing gear, and go after some BIG trout.

And what a perfect ending for another fine blog. Enjoy and share

Oh I've got these fine motorcycles for sale too. May as well get a bit of shameless plugging done.
I have the following bikes for sale starting off with this mint 996 SPS with 39000k's on the clock and only $16K.A really nice 900SS yours for $8K 4000 kilometers registered and ready. A beautiful 2001 S4 Monster in Red 33000K's, yours for $7K, a stunning 2006 in Blue S4R monster 47000k's $7800 and a fantastic 2007 KTM 950 SMR with just 1700k's on the clock for a low $14500. I also have a very nice Harley Davidson  VRSCR ( this one has the good forks and big brakes) with 13000K's on the clock all for the pittance  $14,500. So give me a call if your interested, only to pleased to sell you a bike. Spread and share.

 OK, that's the first time I've advertised my bikes on here, you can contact through the web site os direct. have a great weekend, hopefully the weather will let us all out for some riding. Ciao.