Tuesday, 29 January 2019

Well well, hi there again, hows things going. It seems that the days are passing really quickly when you've got things to do. While my custom is in paint, I took delivery of a Ducati MHR 1000 Millie, one of the last 250 built before production ceased and the factory was sold to Cagiva. They describe this particular bike as perhaps the best bevel that was built, as it was built with plain bearing cases. So the bike has been sitting here for a couple of weeks just being looked at and while a plan for it's restoration was devised. First and foremost, get the motor running first then take it apart. Well when I looked in the inlet tubes all I found was water, DOH!!!!!!. The bike has 3000 k's on the clock so has obviously been outside for a long time. So carbs apart cleaned and re installed, oil changed, then filled the engine full of diesel, drained then new oil, plugs out and push the bike around in gear  to get the oil pumping through the engine, oil out ( nice and clean by now, more diesel, then new oil and filters. It wouldn't run, lots of heat from leads to starter, and earths, so all apart and meticulously cleaned to get a good earth, still no start and couldn't get it to run the first time. Carbs apart found some dodgy rubber seals replaced these and what do you know, Boom, it fired up for the first time in I'd say 30 years, it even sits there and idles. First part of the battle won. Front cylinder is not quite running properly as it's a bit cooler then the rear, but this is only tuning, so battle won, now almost time for engine out and the restoration commences. It is my intention to bring this bike to a concours state, so if anyone is interested in buying the bike let me know and be a part of the project, so that you can have your input into your MHR. Anyways on with the weeks installment, enjoy, share and spread the word.

Thisd is the first Bevel that i did many many years ago. Sold it to a guy in the states ( how stupid was that) Excuse the poor quality image. This was and still is one of the nicest bikes I've ever ridden, and it gave more modern bikes a good run for their money. I recall racing 2 999's over the Paikakariki Hill and beating them to the top, I got the jump on them unsuspectingly at the bottom, but they never headed me. Poor old thing leaked oil like a sieve when I got it home.

And so it began.......

As my old mate Bruce would say Oye Yoye yoye

Great image, gives you an idea of just how big these bastards are. I can see it now as it surfaces the American Captain, says hey don't worry it's just a little sub, then it fully comes out

Machines that make machines

Putting it down

Serious road food

There's something about the older ones that i really love

These images were of a private collection and off the 10 or so bikes in the that collection, I have owned these 4.

This is what happens when you lose your 10mm. And never leave your tools on the floor......ever!

The new Diavel, Hmmm, I quite like it

What a find eh? Just goes to show they are still out there

I was at the factory the same week as this image was taken, thats the race department in the back ground which we were lucky enough to have an un attended walk through, pretty amazing really that they jsut let us in., it was pretty impressive stuff that's for sure, I've never seen so many race bikes all lined up

Yours truly, it looks like the KTM is about to move on, as I have other projects that I need to complete, and ..........start

 This image sums it up for me, went for a ride to the Oaks last night with some friends, it was hot, early evening, heat was coming back off of the road, tar seal was a bit smeery, jackets were open, all vents in riding gear undone, roads were relatively quiet, bit of summer dust in the air, completed with a nice ale and a good meal, a good way to wash away your troubles, and put the stress behind you and make you forget what troubles you.. Get you some of that