Friday, 27 July 2018

 Welcome back. I put a post up on facebook for 10 people to like and share and I would give away 10 T shirts, got that wrong gave away 12. But to date I have only had 2 people respond to my message congratulating them. Where have the other 10 gone? So go check your messages and see if you were one of the ones that got a T shirt. So whats been happening? In my world not a lot. I've got the builders in here next week putting in a mezzanine floor so that i can finally get my shit up off of the ground and finally get the workshop working, space is what I need. So while I''m in Wellington next week for my regular doc's check, this place will be transformed. Started work on the ST4 last week after 4 months of writers block, got the new seat mounted and it's starting to look quite good, if I do say so myself. I've nearly nicked this cold into touch which is bloody fantastic as well. So anyhows, that's the week, a fair bit going on, a build happening both on the building and the bikes. I do have one grumble though it has to be said. Here in NZ we have a sales place called Trademe, it's a site for selling pretty much everything, but I have to say, its full of some who have shall we say questionable intelligence. I don't know whether they are taking the piss, or are just plain stupid. I was selling a motorcycle that didn't have indicators, a person came on line and said he had some which I bought. Now this entire conversation was on line, easy to see what was happening. The very next question " are you selling the indicators with the bike"?. I wanted to say " No, I bought them to hang on the wall for the next 10 years and then throw them out because they are no use to me". I sat there shaking my head in wonderment at some people. I mean how will they survive after the holocaust? Another guy , I'm selling a Ducati, " Has the bike been repainted"?. No its red like all Ducatis should be. "It looks orange are you sure its red"?. Yes its most definitely red. "It looks orange on my pc". Fuck sake, go get a new monitor then, it's fucking red!!!!! That entire dialogue took about 3/4's of hour of my life. I suppose you have to laugh though, but really? In case you were wondering why the blog didn't come out last week, I was away in Wellies having my medical check ups, and i don't like to tell people that I am away from the shop for obvious reasons, but I'm back, so with out further delay here's this weeks images and shit. Welcome to my little corner of the world.

I do like, I say I do like a nice Le Mans

I remember this ad, I had it on my wall and plugged down $1320.00 for a brand new TM250 about 5 weeks afetr this came out. Magic motorcycle

Had one of these once, it was god awful, shook this way, revved it up shook that way, pissed oil at me at every opportunity, it lasted 6 weeks before I sold it.

Great paint!!!!

 Think his rebound was set to high

It kind of annoys me when the painter gets the dimensions wrong, I mean check out this, a stunning paint job, and I mean stunning but the decals on the right hand side ( as you sit on the bike) and about 10mm further back than those on the left. I'd be pissed.

Now that would have given you a headache!!!! 16 inch Armour plating didn't do that well did it?

 You'd be forgiven for thinking , there's something fundamentally wrong with what they we are doing.