Friday, 23 March 2018

Hey Hey, how's it all going out there? Well once again it's been a busy week or two to say the least. It's funny how things work out, but a few months ago I got an invite to go to London to meet with a couple of bike builders, who I had met on a previous trip. They wanted to catch up, and I wanted to go and have a look at whats being built in their winter. I hummed and harred about it, but then my Daughter has her birthday and it was an 0 one, so I thought what the hell, lets do it, so off I headed. A quick trip London and back in 8 days. I prepped myself with all sorts of potions and remedies to ward off any potential lergies, grabbed some face masks and headed out. I didn't mention it last time because, well we all know what happened last time, I lost a few bikes and nearly had my life destroyed yet again. So all under cover of darkness, I found myself in London. was cold, snowing with the 'Beast from the East" as they called it. First impressions of London, no dispatch riders anymore Addison Lee have vans, and the only bikes out there were bloody scooters, thousands of the little buggers delivering food of all things. The shops I visited are certainly building on the high end now. It seems the days of the scrapper are gone, and now there is a new list of higher income earners keen to get in on the custom scene now. This is good, but I was a bit concerned that it took a bit away from that basic build it in your shed type thing. I did also notice that bikes are now carrying higher quality components, the latest radial brakes, and massive Ohlins forks, all sorts of style bling. I couldn't help but think " these wont work out on a ride". You'd be treating it like a jewel not a motorcycle that needs to be thrashed, so some are destined for lounges and entryways of houses as a show thing. And while that's OK, they should at least be able to be ridden. One bike I sat on, well you'd lose the feelings in your central bits in about 2 minutes, pegs way to high, handle bars way way to far down, tank too bloody skinny, it would only hold about 2 litres, but it was beautiful. I'ver got to give it to the Poms, they certainly know how to paint!!!! Just amazing work. Their helmets are truely the Mona Lisa's of modern day. I've ordered a new one but it's going to take 4 months!!!!! to get as thats how long they take. They are so busy. I can't wait to get it here though, it's a great design ( if I do say so myself), and its going to sparkle like a diamond. Anyways that's where I've been, so apologies for the delay here's the next installment for you all. Enjoy and share and spread the site, the feedback that I got from the boys in England was amazing.

Hauling some serious ass here.

They still make em you know, what a weapon in the tight hands
Bruce Almighty looking pretty pleased with himself, great image

There's some pretty nice Ducatis in this country at the NDR this year.

Ruapuna pits early days and currently, not too much of a change

Eddie Lawson, to me the best rider I have ever seen, perhaps that we will ever see. Stopped Wayne gardner in his tracks who whinged and whinged about if he had Eddies Yamahas he would have won another championship. Well Eddie swapped over to Honda, kicked his arse and then went back to Yamaha the next year. 4 times world champion. He was definitely the very first 'Alien'.
StartsWinsPodiumsPolesF. lapsPoints

A great sequence of shots here, the ouch is about to happen.

Another shot from the NZ Ducati Rally, it's amazing how many we have in the country.

Still a very pretty bike, and really cheap to buy as well.

A new V4 Ducati, apparently quite hot motorcycles

Jessie Stroud at 14!!!!! I love this little guy, he's got what it takes to be the best

Bit like that old newspaper puzzle, spot the ball, except in this case spot the car.

Pit girls, racing since.....well since the start

One of the best images of the year and it's only the first race!!!!!

Love the Suzuka 8 hour, I must go me thinks...

Go on Trevor, you know you can.....

Ha ha, introducing Ghetma Needown

You'll know when you see it
Same here, you will know when you see it

Yeah i really do wish for just one small ride, so I could say I've ridden one.

Serious toy, 700 odd feet long, if this is on the pond, imaging what his garage must look like

A great shot of three very very good riders, GOATS all of them

Who didn't do this

Just in case you ever wondered.

And with that...that's that for the weekend. Enjoy your time in the sun playing on or with your bikes.
See you out there on the road perhaps?