Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Many apologies, I've been away for a few days firstly with the National Ducati Rally, and then catching up with my mates who were on a ride the same weekend. So I had a great time at the rally, it was fantastic to see so many Ducatis all in one place.although not many customs, a real nice old 900 square case was particularly notable, some nice Hailwood replicas and some very very nice 996 and 998 derivatives were in attendance. Then I did drive with 4 bikes on board up to Whangamomana to catch up with my buddies for a night of festivities and the MotoGP first thing in the morning.. What a crew. Now how is this for a prophetic weekend. My mate Gary lost the transponder key to his Harley somewhere on the forgotten highway. Everything is fine until the bike gets turned off, then your knackered. So I'm there with a trailer and with 4 bikes, so the Diavel comes off so Gary can continue the ride and I transport his bike home. Now you could not have planned that any better. The first time a bike stops, and we have a trailer there. Someone was smiling down on Gary that day. Never mind though everyone got home safely and apparently the riding was pretty frantic, bit pissed off that I missed out on that. Never mind it's all about the riding and the fellowship, so at least i got some of that in. So, that's the reason why the blog was late this week. But never fear here it is for your viewing pleasure.

Some Guzzi's for a change, they have been very very quiet in the fast few months
These things amaze me, you either hate them, or there is a group of people that absolutely love them. I was not sure at first, but they are a mighty capable motorcycle.

Paul's bike in Wellington, looks good with the Le Man fairing.

Still gorgeous after all these years

Standard factory paint on the BMW's in the day was beautiful

Pretty mad view out of the 4x4

MTO1 madness, I love these bikes

Electric powered trucks look pretty bloody good.

Not such a good run George, 12th on the grid 11th in the race.
Mustang are making a Ute for next year and so are Chevrolet. Me want

You can see my old home from there