Friday, 27 April 2018

Not a great week really, news reached us that Kiwi Bruce Anstey is once again dealing with that demon called cancer. Those of us here in New Zealand that know Bruce will be wishing him all the best science in the world to once again kick this fucking monkey off of his shoulders. Good Luck has nothing to do with this, it's all down to modern medicines for him now. We are all thinking of him and wish him well in his recovery. Having been through a very similar battle I am pretty sure I know what he is going through, and in his own quiet reserved manner I am sure that he will put up as good a fight as possible. This is Bruces second battle with that particular demon, it just goes to show that no matter how you live and lead your life you never know what to expect, so live the day and treat everyone as if it's the last time you are going to see them. Life lesson there.Thinking of you Bruce.

So after that sobering start, here we go........

 Still have to come back and look at this image, what a stunning piece of automotive design.

 These jiggers are still pretty cheap to build, I predict a resurgence in big bore 80's jappas to be the next 'thing'.

 There really isn't much better to go for a sunny afternoon Sunday ride.
 Well....almost anyways haha

 Just goes to show you don't need a Ducati or Guzzi to build a nice wee cafe bike, here is a great 690 KTM. And I'll bet it goes like the clappers, thats a great engine

 I can smell the smoke from here

 Once again you don't need a big bike to do it, any old 400 can be turned into a nice bike if done properly

I rate this guy as one of the best racers we have seen in NZ. Jessie Stroud, so much packed into a small box.

I remember when London was absolutely packed with bikes like this. Where are they all now?

Did you have one in your neighbor hood? I think I lived in a town full of them growing up.

See you don't necessarily need big

Nice work going on here

Love this paint work, well done that man

Nothing like a great coffee in the morning

Rossi is having to lean much further these days

probably one of the nicest images I've ever found, I love the 24 hour endurance type racing, it just seems so much more......................

Some of the Lizards on a wet ride last year, the final step out for this fading summer is coming up soon, and I intend to document it the entire way through. Some of you will recognise the world famous Peter Cross in here, a living legend and fellow lizard. And if you've never heard of him you should try his sausages.