Monday, 14 March 2016

Hi there everyone, hope you didn't miss me that much but I'm nearly back up on line, still going to be a bit erratic ( I don't even have a desk as yet) but I am nearly back. Been a busy few weeks and some things didn't work out as planned or as I thought they would but never the less I am here now and enjoying (kind of) a new lifestyle. I still feel like I haven't landed yet and that everything is still very remote but I am sure that this will fade as I get my head down and get on with work. As I mentioned last time there are going to be a few new developments with what I am going to do and it looks like it's going to be pretty busy. I'm off to Eastern Creek this weekend to watch the Barry Sheene Classic races which I am really looking forward to, it should be great to see RG500's, YZR's, and TZ's all used in anger again. And then off to Europe to catch up with quite a few builders over there in to strengthen my ties with them ( plus the holiday I missed out on last year,Mugello and the IOM here I come)So what am I up to? I'm going to be importing motorcycles and building cafe style bikes. As some of you know I have a fairly extensive history of racing Ducati's in  this country and over the years have owned and loved many brands both European and Japanese. Last count was 105 personally owned. This town is full of engineers and painters and general clever bastards to assist me. Almost all of them I have customized in some way and I'm pretty good at it, if I do say so myself. So in an effort to actually do a job I enjoy and be a bit more relaxed I thought that I may as well do something that I really love. I have built up quite an extensive network of people all around the world who can help me source hard to find parts, both old and new. You know those parts you see on customized bikes and think to yourself "Hmm I wonder where they got that made", that sort of thing. So keep your eyes out for the new web site that is currently being built for this. I've had some great help from my friends here in New Zealand it has to be said and I owe them a deep debt of gratitude for allowing me to do this. I have learnt an awful lot about people in the past couple of months, some truly humbling and others....well shocked. But life goes on, and for you motorcyclists out there another ride is just around the corner. 

So stay tuned as it comes about you will be the first to know. Here's the blog you've all been waiting for.

It says Harley Davidson on the side, but it's actually Italian Aermacchi. How stunning is this bike.

When one is never quite enough.


Hmmm not too sure about this, the basics are right but I kind of think that they got the aesthetic a bit wrong

A V8 Hyabusa should be able to go,wouldn't you think?
From this.....

To this

what workmanship. I've always appreciated this sort of work

Well we are a mixed community of people, all with individual tastes

Paint, exhaust and some wheels, and this is what you can do.

How true is this hahaha

It's actually being reviewed quite well

A very handy bracelet



Now this is a bit of me, you all know by now that I love the XJR, this one is stunning.

Great paint, well thought out and done.


I can source these seats, I have one being delivered now to check the Quality

Sunday morning

Them boys light up


love everything about this image

Sorry couldn't resist, it's just beautiful
But then so is this

So small an RVF piston

The Leadfoot festival here in NZ

look closely at this monkey bike
Mates out riding, that's what it's all about

It's entirely possible.

Scott Dixon putting his sandal down

The ubiquitous black leather jacket

One coming very soon

 And not an Indian in sight, oh wait..........

So that's about it, my wrist is sore from typing on the floor and it's time for a coffee, and pack my bags for Aus. Glad to be back, hope you all think so too.

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