Sunday, 1 May 2016

Ok hello to the faithful, this is my last blog for a while unless I get some serious downtime while working my way through Europe. I've got lots of people to meet, a few shows to go to, and a few business things to set in place. So I am pretty sure that my time is being used properly and it will all be worthwhile for the bikers here in new Zealand. I've always like good gear from my boots to my helmet and I appreciate clever and innovative products. I've seen a few that really appeal and perhaps I can do something with these while I'm over there. I've lined a couple of products up that I'm very excited about, and I am very excited to be able to bring these to you all.

So on with the show, enjoy the blog and I will do my very best to get a few out over the next few weeks.

 What a barn find eh?
 It cost 6 million to develope and only got to $55000 on Ebay, sad, because it's a great vehicle

 Yeah I've got a few jags out't back


 A 1400 in a tonti, classic

 Seriously? What don't I like about this image?

 My first 'real' race bike, it was fantastic.

 People played a lot with carbon fibre, thank you all

 A nuclear sub nose on it's way to the builders

 Z1's in 1986 at the Cold Kiwi, great photo

One of the nicest views on a motorcycle GSXR 1100 large tank.

Mid day ride to Te Aroha for mince on toast, fantastic

Paint paint paint people

Some people don't like them, but I say "are you mad?". What's not to like with 164HP. I love mine.

I think Michelin are in trouble when this is happening on the road.

Bob Toomey in his very very early race days.

That's me in the corner, well not exactly but in a week or two!!!!

They flew this home

Classic, who doesn't like Bender

Right you people back to work I'm off to Italy Ciao

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