Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Hello, and welcome back to another week and another episode of the Carbonartcustoms blog. Apologies for being a couple of days late, I've been out riding you see. Just spent an amazing week in the South Island at a classic motorcycle meeting catching up with friends, watching some interesting motorcycles racing and listening to people that have stories and tales to tell from the Grand Prix era of the late seventies through to now. It was an amazing experience, and it did make me wonder why can't racing still be like this. The pit lane was a walk through a time zone, entire families grand dad mum, pop, kids, barbecues, old tents, motorcycles on their sides with clutches out, people laughing and smiling and generally being involved in motorcycle shit. It was fantastic. Plus we had people like Pat Hennan, Jeremy Burgess, Mike Sinclair, Graham Crosby, Aron Slight, Richard Scott, John Boote, Hugh Anderson, Kevin Magee, Paul Treacy and a whole host of people that make up the very interesting and deep history of Grand Prix racing that comes from New Zealand. On top of this, I had a great time riding with my mates. This is what it is all about.
I got this message this morning from our most successful World Superbike riders and this sums it up.

Yep I think you covered it there Grunter, another awesome trip and I still cant believe how fast you guys go on the road and get away with it J so I’ll keep in the slipstream with my eyes peeled but if I ever see a chequered flag I think Ill be in the right position for a draft to the line.

Anyways sprinkled through here is a smattering of the images from this week just gone there will be more to come I am sure. In the meantime have a great week and I look forward to catching up with most of you again in Wanganui.

Now is this thing ugly or what?
Hell, why not. These boys need to check what they are drinking when they come up with ideas.

What a pretty little bike

It needs a service.

Much maligned, but boy they are an attractive car.

Oh yes!!!!!!

This is what happens when a train spins it's rims
It's called torque

H2 Kawasaki, my friend Richard rode this this past weekend, one out of Greg Hansfords old stable, lovely motorcycle and un restored!!!


This is what a racing motorcycle should look like, nothing there that doesn't need to be there, clean tide and well sorted, and quite frankly beautiful

Yum Yum
Love the helmet paint design


What a fantastic shot, really captures the lonliness and solitude of a 300mph racer, there's only me and the track

Nice wee garage to have
Now this bike, is a stunner, great design, great paint and built so well, congratulations that man

 A nice TZ ready to race, this thing fair crackled
 Greg's old bikes

 Helmets are cool

 A great ute

 My favourite thats for sure


 Aaron and Scotty

 No race nerves going on here, what a great weekend

 Soon, very soon, I will doing shit like this, good shit that is

 The engine that made everyone sit up and look, and I mean everyone.

 Cros's and Magee's bikes ready for their next outing

And with that, it's time to head off to the doctors.

My reference to the doctors, is that I had a moment in Murchison on the Diavel. I stopped and pulled down the side stand and next thing I'm lying on the ground with the bike on top of me!!!!! The side stand bolt had snapped and it caught me out and bunted me into the ground. The end result is a knackered hamstring and basically no movement in my leg. But I do have to give a massive big ups to my favorite Ducati store Motomart in Lower Hutt for staying open late and getting me going again. massive work guys I really do appreciate your efforts. Don't know of many bike shops that would do that for a customer that's for sure. You are the best. Give these guys at Motomart a checkout, you won't regret it.

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  1. I appreciate the blog Grant any Triumph trophy 90's triples that have been tweaked would inspire me as I own one at the moment take care of your health worth a lot eh -regards Mark Havelock North