Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Hi out there in the www. Another busy week, been in Wellington at the latest MNZ board meeting which was an eye opener. I have to say the entire issue of health and safety is really a massive issue, and if we aren't careful well we might just be in a bit of bother over the next few years as they march steadfastly into wrapping us all up in cotton wool. I used to be one of those people who thought out loud about all this supposed 'crap', but when you get into it, it really does effect a whole lot of people and in some instances quite badly. The on going effect of that is more restrictions and more safety. And further down the track a long and laborious path to litigation and law suits as people ultimately want their pound of flesh. The way I see it is that people will bitch and moan about entry fees and ever new rules that seem on the surface to be bloody farcical and to cost a fortune, but the moment that something goes wrong it's these very same people who will jump on the band wagon and say that this never should have happened or they should have done more to avoid instances like that, and how piss poor the running of those events were. But it's the back ground work by all the volunteers,the organisations and the race clubs that goes into running an event that costs a shit load. believe me when I say that in future it will only get more expensive and it will be run a whole lot tighter, because if it doesn't, our sport will be legislated out of existence. This is the last thing we want. So with out any more blah blah lets get on with what is happening in the world of customisation, riding and racing. Enjoy please, and don't be afraid to share this little weekly missive with your mates.

This looks pretty nice
But then so does this
At last years Ducati national rally I gave a little talk about Ducati's engine room that i was fortunate to be allowed to go into to, well here's a photo of it. When I was in there in was far far dirtier with oil and engine parts everywhere, it looks like they have had a clean since then. It looked like a slaughter house for engines then, but it looks great now.

How's this for a nice garage?

Ouch is going to cost a whole bunch of money

What would you do?

It's called feathering the clutch to allow for a nice easy take off.

What a pretty bike

Aaron getting that Honda down and into the corner

Clean work here

Lick, lick

This looks nice in green

Check the rear brakes, hot hot hot

Great shot of the Doctor doing his thing

Metal as art

 The new V4 Ducati engine

 The stewards having their cup o tea must have shit themselves

And people ask me why I like fishing.

Well another week has gone by, Japan buying trip is coming up very soon. Quite excited by that prospect, have to go and get my check ups done to make sure that I can travel, but that's ok. Anyways enjoy your selves out there ride hard and enjoy the time you have, because you just don;t know when you won't have the time.;