Wednesday, 4 October 2017

Right.....time to get this out as I am not going to be able to do this for the next couple of weeks. I'm off to Japan to have a look at some bikes to buy, and to watch the Motegi MotoGP. I'm looking forward to finally meeting the people over there that we get our bikes through, plus it should be a bloody good trip. I haven';t been to Japan since i can't remember when, 39 years I'm guessing, so it will be good to re acquaint myself with that part of the world. Been a strange week business wise, now that the weather is picking up, I'm seeing a fair bit more activity on the bike sale, so that's all very good. Did the distinguished ride a week or so back, that was interesting. Not as good as the Wellington ride, but still some very interesting folk and bikes that come out of the wood work that's for sure. Wanted to take the F1 but I could not get it going, so bought out the trusty old ZRX which was nice to ride around on. On the way home, I had a bit of a spirited ride with a couple of others and my bow tie absolutely shat itself, I ended up with a tatty ribbon around my neck, I pissed myself laughing when I saw my self in the mirror. Anyways this weeks installment is a bit longer than normal due to me being away, so enjoy and please remember to share the blog with other like minded people, and I will try and do an installment form Japan, so you can all see what's been going on.

F1 in the old days, what a difference now eh?

MT-01 goodness, if you haven't ridden one try and do so, they are epic in all proportions

What a stunner
I love the mid 80's endurance racers, they have stance to them.

Nom Nom nom

A nice Guzzi for a change, they have been a bit light of late thaht's for sure.

This Guzzi is just perfection

Beach racing used to be really big in the day, wonder what happened to that

I will get to see him race one more time.

This bike is so cool, it just is OK?
Getting his lean on, so funny

You know you want one, and they are still cheap

Really did like this Guzzi, love those small panniers

Dukes of hazard seem pretty tame really

It's the paint you see

Nice spannies sir!!!!!!
James Dean certainly did go out fast.

Just classic

Hamilton's new toy, very nice

Slighty getting in nice and hard

V4's are here, and what a motor eh?

The nicest back end of a car ever!!!!!!!

What a great shot, not really supposed to be here, but still a great shot.

This happened last week, I'd be shittin myself

Who has the nicest rear end?

Ken Dobson and Richard Scott playing around with one another back in the early 80's.

And that boys and girls is that, I hope you have enjoyed your little quiet time while looking through this weeks lot. I have to dash now, my live in security has arrived and I have to head on out, so Syonara, konichi wah, Banzai, lets get this trip underway. catch you all on the flip side in a couple of weeks.


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