Sunday, 5 November 2017

Righty Ho, here we are again. It's been a pretty draining couple of weeks it has to be said. What with the burglary, the subsequent insurance processes, and with a few other personal things thrown into the mix, I have to say, for a bloke who wanted to semi retire and lead a bit of a quiet life, this past few days has been anything but. It has certainly made me look at what I am doing and perhaps start a new plan on where I am going and what I want to do. Thank goodness for motorcycles eh? I got a call on Tuesday to see if I wanted to go for an evening ride to our local over in the Waikato, the 'Oaks', I still don't have any motorcycle gear ( helmets, jackets, gloves etc), so my first response was to say " No don't worry". But then one of my mates turned up and king of bludgeoned me into going. I have a KTM 950 SMR which was all legal, then I found a helmet that had not rotted it's foam out, then some old old gloves and next thing I'm on the road. It really does help clear the fog, that's for sure. A beer and a steak then a ride home again with like minded people certainly does lift the spirits that's for sure. The first image below even though not my kind of motorcycle for riding kind of summed that evening up for me. So spirits lifted somewhat, I have to get back to dealing with insurance shit and getting on with getting on with my day.

I've been told that I have one of these in here every week, well it's true, perhaps the first and the last truelly great racing machines, brutal, fast, dangerous and fun. What more do you have to say about a motorcycle.

Keep the night fires burning

I love these, I've got a one coming, but have given it away to a friend, who needs thanking and needs a ride. perfect motorcycle.

At first glance there's something missing, but I think the cockpit is underneath this monster

My shirts are going everywhere, keep your eye open for these and if you see someone wearing one that perhaps shouldn't be wearing one, give me a call.

Eddie Kattenburg's very nice Bimota, ready to race.

Morbidelli's V8 was a master piece, pity it didn't get very far.

Don't these look nice as race bikes.

Nice work going on here
A Boing is coming


Fingers crossed for this weekend coming

The eyes have it.


I've taken some criticism about putting images like this in here, but they just blow me away, all from wind and technology, I think it's pretty cool

Bimota Homage

Finally have mine on my wrist.

That feeling you get afetr, everything has come together on the ride with your mates, and there is no one, no one that can stay with you. Been lucky enough to have had a few of these. I recall a day over Vinegar Hill on my MT-01, and a day over the Paekakariki Hill on my GT750 where this happened. It's the best feeling

Been into this shop many times in my life, the smell remains with me to this day.

Eddies pocket knife

They say smoking is bad for you, I'm not too sure I entirely agree

I watched this guy at Motegi, he is fearless

This photo popped up in my memories that other day. The first Lizard ride, it was memorable that's for sure.

I laughed when I saw this, because I remember the original, and no someone has re-created it.

There's no place quite like Wanganui.

Dallas Rankin on his Ducati at Wanganui

Had these stolen too. Bit silly as they will only fit on one type of bike as they are.
This helmet was also stolen, it's pretty distinctive, but I guess with a brush and some black fence paint it will look good as new

No one quite knows how to put some high pipes on like a Ducati

Ok, that was pretty exhausting, get it get it, but I think this one is finished for this week. Hope you are all getting ready for the rides outs this summer, and my northern hemisphere friends are starting to plan their winter months of solitude in their sheds. Be careful and make sure no one can steal your shit, it's the worst. Ciao.