Monday, 19 February 2018

Apologies to the faithful, I've been out riding and last week was the first week that I have ever missed an installment of the blog. Took a bit of ribbing from a few people on the ride I was on for not getting it out, but sometimes stuff happens and well there you go. Yes, I've been away on a ride with a fine group of gentleman and ladies, it was a yearly gathering of a group called the Long Lunch group, a collection of some of New Zealand's most excellent riders both locally and internationally. Plus we had a number of Australia's greatest riders and even one Randy Mamola with us, so all in all it was a pretty strong collection of talent that's for sure. What a weekend it was, tales got told, bull shit got bull shitted and food and great wine was consumed as well. It's a yearly gathering at a secret location so no one really knows what, when, and where until a few days before hand. I said on my Facebook page that I was truly humbled to be out riding with this group as here I am a track hack at best, ( I only ever won one meeting overall and that was so long ago I can hardly remember the details, a BEARS meeting I'm pretty sure but there you go). And yet here I was riding with Randy Mamola, Aaron Slight, Stu Avant, Peter Cross, Richard Scott, Gary Goodfellow, with Croz and the Sayles in attendance, plus Jeremy Burgess in attendance, so all in all a pretty amazing weekend. Thanks to Paul Traecy for arranging a great event and a fantastic venue. I even got my partner to attend. She could not believe some of the stories with regards to ehh erhmmm bending the rules just in order to win. Motorcycle racing is littered with stories about pushing and bending the rules and some of the tales that came out are very very funny. But it's best to leave them in folk lore. The tale regarding Cros up ending Randy Mamola head first into the toilets as a young brash rider is true though, had to laugh about that one. Anyways there a few images from that ride scattered through this weeks blog. A thank you to Peter Cross for the 'dance' on the KTM's through the back yard of the Wairarapa should be mentioned to. We hung back and then pulled the pin. Needless to say some speed limits were sorely tested that afternoon. Good ride Peter, I enjoyed that perhaps most of all.

The venue for the long lunch, fantastic

Riders briefing, does anyone actually listen?
The Long Lunch gathering for a great afternoon

It truly is a long table is required.

These guys talking about all the 2nd's and 3rd's they won in Superbikes and Grand Prix was both entertaining and informative

3 older statesmen of racing both here Australia and internationally having a sherbet or two.

Paul Graeme and Randy discuss tales from another era

3 ex racers with a pedigree as long as your arm Aaron Andrew and Richard discussing tactis

Woner how he's going to explain that

The new Kawasaki is a fine addition to the family


Rodney versus Robert, a great race with Rodney coming out on top.
Chicks can do it too,

The devil is in the detail

My brother in law parks his toys where ever he wants to.

That didn't end that well.

I don't normaslly post images with writing on them, but this one cracked me up, it's how it is....

It's only ever been about 'that' engine

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