Monday, 12 March 2018

Well, here we are again, another installment of all things bike related. Shit it seems New Zealand is a very little motorcycling place at the moment. Motofest has come and gone, it was a fantastic meeting, Ducati have had their annual rally, The Italian motorcycle guys have had their annual rally, Indian have done the same. I drive from Tauranga to Taupo most weekends and there are more and more bikes on the road and travelling in groups as well. My group the Lizards have finished their road racing for the season, the 'last of the summer wine" ride is being planned to catch those last rays of warmth before the bite of winter sets in, so looking forward to that, we are going up market and the first stop for the night is Taihape. We don't do things by halves that's for sure haha. I had planned on attending two international motorcycle shows this years, but my plans have been scuppered somewhat by outside influences, this pisses me off, but it is what it is. All in all though it's been a great summer for motorcycling, great rides have been done, and some fantastic racing has been seen. Shit our young guys are so fast, I'm loving that aspect of our sport. A young Wainuiomata boy Shane Richards is just on fire, so back to the states for him again this season. Keep an eye out for him, he is quick. Just about to start a real nice little SR400 cafe custom for a client, so I'll have to move the ST4S off of the bench for a bit. Anyways here's the weeks installment, go get a bourbon, a pen and paper and start planning your winters in the shed.

 Speaking of nice sheds, this one in Napier, looks pretty bloody good. Nice bikes in there

 It looks nice, but only to the corner I reckon.

 My mate Vince hustling his Guzzi, this bike is so nice

 A Le Man production racer for 2800 pounds, boo hoo sob......

 Now I'm a real fan of these converts, great cars carry all sorts of shit in them, they just go and go
 Words just do not describe these things adequately

 Who remembers their first ride

 Dynamo's weren't they a piss off? They just slowed you down, much better to hone home late in the evening with no lights
 They are looking so good this year, it might be their time again

 What a find,

 woes up for this?

 I loved the way Kawasaki didn't give a damn about what people thought of their color schemes

 These things are taking off here, I've seen quite a few out on the road, a better alternative to a Harley I think

 Ouch, 2 laps in on cold tyres on a genuine MotoGP Aprillia and you do this.

 Legends at Motofest, what a great sight

 Robbie on Alistairs bike, it was humming, what a sound and what a smell.

 I sponsored this little guy this year, Jessie Stroud, watch for this one, he is lizard quick


 right nice.......
 How does he still fit them....bastard

 Phreaky Phil Payne
 It's all about core strength I suppose

 Bring on the new season only a few days to go

 I love the look of this's plain, it's nothing out of the ordinary, but it has a certain brio about it, a strength, full of character and of course it's a Guzzi. Love it. Some guys pay thousands to get that, this one just has it.

 Check out that engine, check out that mass centralisation of everything, it's amazing.

 These things are right nice too

 The life and times of a privateer

Lots of Guzzi's in here this week, it's the way it happens I guess. Hope you all enjoyed Carbonart motorcycles this week. I really don't know how I find the time to do this, but I do, so all good to you I guess. Have a great week, catch you all next week, be safe, ride fast, don't let things get you down, and enjoy every moment on or with your bike.

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