Monday, 7 December 2015

Jesus wept, where has the year gone. Here we are middle of December already, shit time flies when your having...................well time flies. Prick of a year really, never mind. Had some interesting dialogue with a number of people this month about motorcycling in general, and I am always amazed by the enthusiasm that we as motorcyclists have for our sport, our life styles, and the people involved. Some have some pretty strange tastes and viewpoints that's for sure. But that's what we are all about really. The custom scene has certainly come alive with bike builders, and shops all over the world getting in on the movement of customization. Build it rough, or build it beautiful it certainly has assaulted our senses this year that for sure. And then the racing, wow what a season. The motoGP season has finished and didn't that bring out the different sides and viewpoints about what should have been or could have been. Never mind we did see an absolutely amazing race year. Did anyone notice how World Superbikes didn't really rate a mention?
I was quite flattered last week to be asked to sign one of my bikes that I built! I thought that that was quite a strange thing to do, but you never know do you? I might take it up as a sideline to my new life. New Motto Never say never, and never say anything without actually knowing what you are talking about. Speaking of which the blog may get a bit interrupted over the next wee while, as I prepare to move myself out of this town. It has become a bothersome place to live and I may as well take advantage of the new opportunities presented to me given what has happened to me this year.
So without any further fanfare here is this weeks blog for you all.
Keep an eye out for next weeks Blog as it's fricken massiver than massiver due to Christmas. Am I allowed to say Christmas? Course I am fuck those PC's twats. Deck the halls with pictures of motorcycle I say.

That look you get when you discover your best mate has just bought a new motorcycle

Still beautiful after all these years.

 Epic, and that's about all you can say about that, I very nearly just bought one, but sanity prevailed ha ha.

Ha ha how many of you just stuck your finger in your ear?

 Small ring dingers are pretty cool.

 XJR meatiness

About the only Guzzi, I haven't ridden, must put that on my list

Lovely work going on here, I do love a well prepared machine, and you can tell just by looking at a small part of it to know it's well built.

I was there, Western Springs David Bowie concert ( some time back in the 70's or early 80"s I can't recall.).

There seems to be a few Katana's popping up on the scene, it's hard to see how you could customise a design like this.

Interesting front end.

Superlights were pretty cool in the day. I raced one for a year then sponsored a young guy to race it as well, it was pretty cool.

Not too sure, but is this Sir Al digging it in sideways?

For a complete change, I am thinking about doing some of this shit as well, just as a complete escape.You know away from the maddening world.

Nice is nice

A trio of Triumphs?

Love these graphics

Now that puts it into perspective

Classic door graphics

This is how they all get to work on time I'm guessing

Norton Wankle. He said Wankle.

A table of dreams

Lovely color

7 Up 1 down

Yoiikkks...............that'd give you a headache, imaging the thump this thing made when it came in.

The coolest fire brigade in the land.

Sorry, but I can't help myself, I just love them.

beautiful paint

I had one almost the same color

996's all in a row

How the frick did they get them on there in the first place. I'll bet the guy that did this was great at puzzles. You know that one with the nine floating pieces and one empty square?

50 lanes of mass confusion, if ever there was an excuse for motorcycles, this has to be it.

Sitting on the side of the street in Invercargill, it's a normal occurrence here in NZ, it just happens, this is at the Burt Munroe Challenge.

The American equivalent of the Mods
That'll be $120,000 thanks

Rd in a KTM frame

Now imagine the Thrrrruuuuuuuuuuuuu clunk clunk clunk ( silence) this made

Burt himself.

It almost looks like Atomic

A day in the dunes

All lined up ready to give some joy ( and some pain).

Now did you get the milk?

Cros with one of his new toys.
Just as well he used stainless braided brake lines

What a great cafe

Go one admit it, we all wanted one.

Some more of those garage door graphics, pretty cool eh?

Double Aa Ron getting ready for a ride at the Burt.

More Graphics

Riversdale trouble


Beer and hammers

My good mate Vic, out and about. He's a keen follower of this page, so I thought why not. Might make him smile.

OK, I'll admit it, I've just bought a mint 900SS to turn into a cafe bike, for a mate of mine to ride. It will look something like this but different. Might have to go and get that fairing back I gave a way a few weeks ago. Doh
The best boot in the business bar none, I have searched the net for years trying to find some, and then found some but size 11. These things were the bomb, and they would sell millions again if they made them.

This guy is heating the wheel in an attempt to get it off. Engineering eh?

Watch out you'll get sand in your eye.

And that folks is that. Hope you enjoyed it.

Oh by the way I nearly forgot, below are some images of three very desirable bikes, that I have for sale.
The first one is a genuine Yamaha OWO1. One of only 150 ever made. It's in very good condition but could do with a repaint back to original as the paint to small areas of the fairings has bubbled. The bike has only 5600 miles on it, yes only 5600 miles. Check on the net for exact specifications as this bike will replicate that. It's 100% original and is truly a fantastic bike. POA. You wont be disappointed. Can ship anywhere in the world.

And THEN......And then I have this Bimota Tesi, it's OK, not fantastic as is usual for Tesi's of this age, but it is all there. Low mileage and it still has the original tyres and brake pads on it too. But wait there's more....................................this Bimota Tesi comes WITH a second donar bike that could either be re-built or turned into an amazing custom cafe bike, or even used as parts for the whole one. They are as seen and they don't come up for sale very often. I can arrange shipping anywhere in the world for you. POA

Extremely desirable Bimotaness.

So contact me if you are interested in buying $$$$$$$$$$

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