Monday, 14 December 2015

Hello, how's it all going. Well here's the second to last blog of the year for your viewing pleasure.
I was going to put the christmas one out there, but I have far far too many images stuffed into my PC, so I thought "what the hell". This one is squeezed into the year just for you. Next weeks one will be the last one for 2015. And then early in the new year I will do a 'special' which will have all of the best images ( in my opinion) from this year just as a round up.
Have just had a great weekend away at the racing here in New Zealand and it was amazing to see so many of the guys from 'my' generation racing again. be it on MV Augustas, bimotas big old Kawasakis and even on motards. It was very pleasing to see, and their riding styles were still the same, smooth and surprisingly fast. Our box was a constant stream of them of them all day. Cros, John Woodley, Gary Goodfellow, Andrew Stroud ( all all his kids). We had Tony Rees racing Russell Joshia Eddie Kattenburg, it was amazing to see. Some of them even had their sons racing too!!!! I guess it goes to show that once motorcycling gets in your blood, it's in there for good.
So here's something for your blood.
I won't say much this week, let the images do the talking, I've got a lot on you know.

This must have been a hell of a night haha.

I'm starting to like the customized Diavels, but not yet.

A twisted tail.

Big G's old bike.

Now this is a cool idea, clever bastards for even thinking of it.

My old team

My London Dispatching days, manic riding every minute, every hour every day

Barn finds intrigue me

I even had hair ( as fucked as it was)

My first 'real' dirt bike the ubiquitous DT175
So thats what they get up to when we are out riding

I do like this kawasaki

A bit OTT for my liking, but it was someones idea and that's all that matters
These were/are awesome. I recall being in one going over the Wainuiomata hill, dash all hanging out, wires everywhere, thumping acceleration, noise, smell, it left a mark on me to this day, fucking epic.Thanks David.

Yes, yes it's a handbag of sorts, but every self respecting rider needs an over shoulder bag occasionally so why not have a nice one.

I have to say carbon fiber work has progressed so much in the last 10 years

This is what happens when your plans get jammed in the photocopier

I do like nice knives, and these are beautiful
Now this guy has it sorted, he even has his very own race track to play on. Noice

Spotted in New Zealand a very nice Darhma

This is a gearbox from a container ship. That man is taking the rough edges off of 1st gear

Nice build quality here

A machine that makes the machines, I wonder what machines built this machine?

Engineering eh?

Just almost speechless, one of my all time favorite cars

All those cows!!!

The RD/RZ 500 engine

This is just ugly!!!!!!

Where as this is just beautiful

 Now check out this MH Ducati, without doubt the best restoration I have ever seen, just stunning work

 Send your one in pay your $5000 USD and get one of these, a bargain.

 This guy is waiting for some late model jappas to come along obviously, so he can scare them ha ha

 A barn find, a Grand Torino, put in the trailer after the race and left there for 27 years, amazing

Nice garage to have

Even nicer now from the other angle

One lone guzzi
nearly in tears looking at this image

When one V8 just didn't cut the mustard

I had one of these but it didn't look like this, noice

Just pure art really

Grant Daltons toy by Cros and Tim

There was a frame image a little back, here is the finished item, nice work

RG500 Vesukipa, I shake my head.

A brace of brutes.
Awe shit why not eh?

 Wanganui Cemetery racing

 Bruce Almighty.

 This is the direction I think my 900ss will take

And that folks is that, so me and this lady are out of here, see you all for next weeks massiver installment and then we are done. Hope you enjoyed yourself.

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