Thursday, 16 July 2015

Well well, here we are again, another blog another day. heaps of bikes this week, it never ceases to amaze me the sheer amount of customized motorcycles there are out there, and the amount of beautiful race bikes too, both old and new. I love the work some builders are doing, and some I really cant stand, but that's the thing about motorcycles, each person has a different interpretation of what the the factory should be building, and thank god for that. Last week I told everyone my thoughts on the 'slab sided' Honda and that caused a few ructions, but this week an image of what that Honda could have looked like has turned up. So in here this week you can see that image and I will leave it to you as to whether you like it better or not. So prepared to be enlightened yet again, and share this blog as much as you can, spread the word.

I do like the Laverdas, they have the same simplistic design stance as the Ducati 750 ss.

This turbo V Rod looks quite nice all in black

Always been a sucker for a good flame job

Freddie Mercury sang a song about this, and another ones gone, another ones gone another one bites the........

Jeeze, there's not a lot to those wheels is there?

Hard men charged for 24 hours through the night

A very tasty GSXR being built.

Two very famous Kiwi's here, Ken and Bruce take a moment.

 Crassic Duo

I've seen some of those l;ittle carved men. My friend AS would know about these.

 And please father Christmas can I have a whole lot of knucklehead engines for Christmas
 About one of the nicest race bikes ever made

yeah i know your thinking "WTF?". But I love seeing work like this.

They are there to stop little Japanese engineers from falling into them.

 I do like this, it has the exact right balance.

 Ahhhhh bevels

 Hand made not for the masses, lovely work.

 Now this is straight motorcycle porn here.
 Starting to like these 'dustbin' bikes, I'm thinking of a more modern iteration of this for a future project.

 A classic 750 four cafe'd beautifully
I think about the nicest Moto Guzzi I have seen, this thing looks like it's still doing 100 mph.

 I've seen this bike before, but you really need to have a close look at it to appreciate the quality of the restoration and the finesse of the build.

Just in case the bikes didnt make it to the start line, and Camel Toe, oh no sorry camel cock.

 How lucky can you get

 The whole family of beautiful little monster rally cars, great to see them together.

 I do love what they have done to this newish Moto Guzzi, really really nice

 Suzuka Cutlery, nice

Yoikks there isn't even enough room for the polka dots

 Eventually one day in another time period these things will become collectable,

 Now who didn't lust afetr these when they came out, erh I didn't because I got an RZ500 instead, but this bike fueled quite a few late night dreams.

 Syd and Ing Taglione, he was a long standard privateer in American racing circles for quite some time. His son runs his shop now
 Nice carbon fiber work.

 Not sold!!!!!!!

 It's so ugly it's almost nice
 Where as this was stunning the moment it was pulled out into the light

 Far to much rebound and way too much compression on the front, its unloading the back under brakes

 Now this is how the new Honda should have been painted, it looks completely different from the rising sun model that they released. This is exactly what I was talking about ( shit I'm good), Honda has so much history to draw on ( my words remember), that they could have chosen a number of schemes, this one from the RC30, they could have also used the red and silver scheme too. This looks far far better.

 Gary this is for you to look over

 State tue in the back ground Craig?
 What a great shot, perfect exposure, perfect moment in time caught and missed by millions
 I know someone who should have a garage like this.

 Some famous faces in this little lot, and a few world championships too.

 so sad really

 This is quite a menacing scooter

 This must be a bit of a hand full

 Had one of these too.

 Here's that Griso again, lovely wee thing

 American Iron

How nice is this Motto Guzzi?

 Nice in Black

 These things are as rae as hens teeth, and cost about 5 times more.

 Now lets not over complicate things eh?

 Nice work, almost too good to use, but we all know that never works, they all have to be used.

 Pitch it in mate, I don't know how many riders here in NZ that ride these actually do ride them like this.

 Isn't the stirching on the seats nice.

 Nice little bank. Keihen flatslides in Black.
 Everything goes better with a turbo

 Everyone should at least once in their lives have a ride on one of these, you owe it to yourself before you die.

 Man bikes, rear looks nicely scrubbed in too.

 Great shot of this hill climb bike, have a few skids, not too sure about the connection between swing arms

 It's almost sculptural, a work of art rather then a motorcycle

 A stunning XS850 Yamaha, lovely work

Yeah yeah yep......................that's about me done for the week, hope you enjoyed it, time for a wee rest now, see you all next week.

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