Thursday, 9 July 2015

OK, OK briefly enjoy.

Actually it's more like me putting this blog together.

Something is wrong here.

He's got one nice bike here if it's the original which I think it is.
 Dude on the left is learning what it's like to NOT be in a works team, cos you don't get the works further down that pit lane.
 Turbo niceness.
 Copies and what copies, how nice is this work

Just simply stunning work.

 I quite liked this analogy

 A nice little two stroke super motard, yes please.

 A Gold Wing that nearly looks OK.

 The two either side are easier to maintain then the one in the middle.

 Now if you could make your Monster look as awesome as this I would buy it.

 Deus bike build off, the guys look mildly funnier than some of the bikes, but it takes all sorts I suppose


 Quality design, quality work, quality motorcycle

I;vbe said this before Yamaha make the best tanks

 This would like nice in anyone's garage

Yeehaa, this would be a cool way to go to work, or out to your mates track

 There's just something about these that makes me yearn for one, is that wrong?

Now you all know I have a thing for these too, but this old one came across my screen and I was smitten, this is about the nicest Porsche I have ever seen, forget the new ones, the turbo's the 3.8 liter ones the RS;s, this one is pure class. Check it out

 How fucken nice is this?
 Sob 4 little Mikuni's all in a row, bolt them on and see how fast you go.

 That Vincent again, even the NCR in the background is nice too.

 This little Laverda is a beautiful re-creation of the 500 Montjuic of yesteryear, just beautiful, I'm loving what some builders are up to these days.

 This is not nice, I'm sorry I love Guzzi's but this is wrong, the tank and front fairing are from some English motorcycle and are fat, slabby and ugly, take them off and do your bike some justice for Christ sake.

 Who says you can't tour on a Guzzi sports bike?

 Old school is always goint to be cool

 Another Guzzi that has been brutalized by poor design and poor fore sight. The engine and exhaust are OK, but the rest, please please my retinas are burnt.

 I do like this

 I'm on the verge of thinking this is either shit hot or fucken ugly, nerh it's ugly
 Mike the Bike, the one an only

I do like this too.

When you have it, you have it all. Vale.

Stunning paint.

Had one of these two although my handlebars were a bit higher.

Who remebers these?

Nice work

I'll only be gone for 2 weeks babe, honest. It'll be OK me and the boys will ride slowly.

Yes please.

All the fine young men.

Sue on her new Scrambler, .

Don't these just look great?

I remember well

Bloody clever idea from Samsung in Europe.

I've been thinking about these a lot lately.

Check out the Laverda below, this is how to build a bike.

We had these to play with when we were young, wasn't it a grand old time eh.

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