Thursday, 4 February 2016

In the course of my life being put on hold by my health I've been on a  journey of self discovery and I've learnt an awful lot about myself but about other people. I've been given the time to assess a number of situations that have really made me stop and take a look at what is important to me. I've learnt that if you have plans and a vision, then it's best just to get up and do what you want to do. I made the mistake of letting people in on what I wanted to do with my life, and I realise now that some of my plans far exceeded what could actually happen, but the thing about them was that they were plans, just that, imagination at work trying to find a direction that worked better. Over a period of time, those plans are either turned into reality or discarded as you work through the potential of those ideas. You have the grandest ideas and they are all good until you work through them. I was a person who liked to discuss these plans with others to see what sort of acceptance you would get for those ideas, and perhaps with their input morph those ideas into something more. My mistake was that I would discuss these ideas with people who had absolutely no idea or ability to see the possibility of ideas. Basically no imagination. If you were to ask these people "what's your plan"? They would look at you with a blank stare just trying to comprehend the question let alone the answer. This blog is one of those ideas formed from a desire to do something a bit different, to actually get up off of my arse and put something out there, and if that puts me in the firing line of scorn and derision in some quarters then so be it. The blog here is absolutely crammed packed with plans, ideas and imaginations at work, done by people who actually do things as opposed to those that would rather sit and criticize. So guys and girls use your imaginations, formulate plans, get ideas, to see something that you may well otherwise not have seen. So here is this weeks collection of ideas, concepts and plans actually put into place by very talented people.
Welcome to my world

The blog is going to be off line for a few weeks while I move, so please bear with me and I will try and get it back on line as soon as possible. I know for some of you you will have withdrawals, but wait there's more. Wait until you see what's coming, it will make the wait all very worthwhile.

The Ubiquitous DT Yamaha , how many pistons have they laid down for your sole enjoyment eh?

All style and class.

A mans bike beautifully customized
I'm going to build a V8. yeah right they all said.

One very very cool Triumph, doesn't it make you want to say "I'm going to do that". Love the paint
Two very beautiful Guzzi's lined up, stop and look closely, if you don't want one , then you must be dead.

My mate Shaun on the case

Guzzi's on the road, well done.

I'd love one of these.

Yes please

Yes please any day out riding with your mates is the best.
Here they are again, but joined by a friend, lovely jubly.

They were then and still are now, very cool little bikes.

There's a stairway to heaven and a highway to hell, that gives you a pretty good indication of which way most of the traffic is heading.
Mad dogs and Englishmen

Absolute manic, these things were bonkers, ballistic little hornets that really shouldn't have gone out on the road.

Thanks to Scrambler, Ducati have outsold themselves this last year, and the brand Scrambler is recognized as a separate brand within the group. Yeah Nah Yeah. Dick.

Pretty paint

Chicken Strips haha

Here's that triumph again, too good not to have a second look.
I love em.

Don't know if it's real or not, but it's a pretty bloody amazing image
It gets pretty busy out there.
Si Si it'sa oudda backa inda barna.

God I love these, and this one is perhaps one of the nicest I have ever seen
Like a car park full of M and M's.

Go on Mike you racing legend you, build it.

This is an actual flying plan, even though it does look like a cartoon

This may have been on here before, it's the shuttle heading to a place far far away.

Not the prettiest Ducati ever made, but they did have something about them

Imagination at work here, on a high level

The RC30 is one of the prettiest motorcycles made

My mate Norm McDonald has been working in his shed for a few years now, and this is what came out, how nice is this?

Fontana brakes once upon a time the choice of champions and still highly desirable

Oh the hours.....................

A lovely bobber
They had some class back then

Carbon Footprint? What carbon Footprint?

Art in the form of an engine, pure art.
Say no more haha

Very very fine time pieces and a great sponsor of motorsport, god bless em.

My favorite time piece from Tag

Imagine angle parking this?

Missed that shot

Big night out

It just oozes a special something doesn't it?

Great shot

I love these, without doubt the best touring motorcycle never made, they were comfortable, pulled all day, handled, took luggage and pillions like they weren't there, a very epic motorcycle.

I used to operate a 14 footer in a past life, this one must be at least double that. What the fuck do they bend?

Check out the detail on this paint.

A tool box over an X box any day.

Two of the prettiest bikes in existence.

A Turbo Monkey bike!!!!!!!

I want, am I allowed to say " One day I will own one of these"? or would that be bullshit?
Turbo a Diavel, fuck it why the hell not.

These guys don't wave back at you because they are too fucken scared to let go even for a second.

She IS cool. Got absolutely shit faced at one of her concerts at a winery a few years back that was great fun.

Norms' TZ from the other side.

Vince's Hammer

Going to visit the Bike Shed in London soon, looks like a cool place.
Wanganui on a great day

And that is all for the now, hope you enjoyed my site, as I said at the start, make plans, formulate ideas, make them as grand as you can, change them, alter them, throw them out if you must, start again, just do it. Don't surround yourselves with naysayers and people that can't add to your life, discard the useless and the needless and go do good shit. See you out there sometime eh?


  1. Thankyou for this display ! very appreciated ! -- Reg L van Buuren in Adelaide,Australia .

  2. good to see some MVs in there too ;) A lot of cool stuff Grant