Wednesday, 10 February 2016

hey to you all, how's things been going? My move is getting closer and closer and now i see things slowly being put into boxes and things going into storage ( for a while). Been out on quite a few nice rides of late as well, this evening summertime period is just brilliant for the quiet ride somewhere. I have to say that I started to think about customizing my Diavel, and I walked all around it, took photos poured over the net looking for ideas, low bars, straight bars, color schemes, wheel changes, you name it I was looking at it. Found some nice bits to bling it up a bit, but then I looked really hard at the bike, and thought " you know what it doesn't need anything". It's a pure brutal looking motorcycle with as near to a comfortable riding position ( for this body anyway) as you can get, and it's mental on the throttle, it's grin factor is off of the scale. So for now I'm going to concentrate on the GT1000 and see what comes of that. And I remembered that I have the custom plate GT DUC as well, so that will go straight on it too. So lots of planning, lots of packing, lots of fun to come. have a great week, thanks for your support and please share the blog as far and as wide as you can.

And then Ducati bring this out, aimed at the American market, I'm not to sure about the aesthetics of the bike, I know the engine will be mental, but I need to see it in the flesh to give it the yeah nah treatment.

A WW2 gun turret, shit they must have got fucken huge headaches over this.

Now these are another mental bike, and it takes bugger all to cafe them. I have seen some interesting images starting to appear with these bikes, but more on that later.

Mmmm paint paint paint

Only fools and horses

Lovely Triumph, shit there has been some work go into this little jigger.
You know I love XJR's, this one close to standard but still looking brutal

This is the seat that I have just ordered for my GT, a classic rendition of the old 750ss seat but with a modern bent on it.

I know, it's just an old trail bike, but boy did we have fun on these things when they first came out
A nice wee 750 super sport, with some frame modifications to fit the seat, it looks well planned and done.

Gobsmacked as to what engineers can do.


How cool are these things

Love those front fork covers, they give the monster so much purpose.
Even the little ones look great cafe'ed.
You can buy this kiit for your Monster, I ask " why wouldn't you".

Well I guess someone had to do it eh?

A milled block, how nice is this?

Planning and executing, this is what it is all about
The finished bike, pretty nice eh?

There's that seat again.

Seen and raced at Phillip Island, I should get to see this run in a few weeks at Sydney.

No words, really just look at the picture.

Don't think this one would go round corners very well
Milled from solid and welded to the bottom brake housing, nice

I love twins
Always been a fan of the reverse cone shorty.


Cros at Phillip island

These boats are pretty serious nowadays.

Scramblers are doing well in the cafe arena.

How true.


A barn find in France
30000 hours later it looks like this, amazing work

Mojhitos at forty paces

 A Honda Goldwing dash or the cockpit of a fighter plane?
 Putting some jandal in.

 I've said this before but Yamaha really do make the nicest tanks.

Don't you love that early morning smile?

I'll save you the time there's 24 sets of two x 2 so that 96 wheels on this trailer

Pretty little Guzzi

Ha ha i cracked up when I saw this

Grant Dalton shortened his beautiful Suzuki by a couple of 100mm. Ouch.

Guzzi's in The Naki

It's just so bloody nice don't you think?
This was a recent barn find, look at how well it's been preserved, this is all original

 This is a refurbished oil tank from an early 50's Ferrari, I mean just look at the work that has gone into this.

 My mates son is working on this boat, how nice is that?

 Still new and in it's crate not a DB1 but a DB1RS, very special indeed

 Clever bastards

And that is the end of that for this week, go riding guys, or if your up in the northern hemisphere, grab a whisky and go look at your bike/bikes and start playing, have fun either way see you all next week.

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