Sunday, 21 January 2018

Whooompahhhh, here we go again. The shop is gearing up again, lots of new bits and pieces to tell you all about. Sold the Diavel and bought a KTM GT. I've put a couple of thousand K on it already and am loving this bike to bits. Even had a full day in the rain on it. And for those I ride with, know that I do not like the wet weather. I did enough of that dispatching in London and I always tell my mates if you see me going the other way back down the road to the nearest bar, then it's raining up ahead. Only problem with that is that I have to be far enough ahead of most of these fast bastards to turn around. It's a load I carry. Any ways I'm loving this bike its light, powerful enough for me ( 180 odd HP), and full of trickery that still amazes me. Coming to grips with the quick shifter and the electronic suspension. This is the bike that I plan to take to Europe and the states this year. So I cant play with exhausts or anything as I don't want issues when I uncrate it. But its awesome just the way it is. Been out and about on the road an awful lot lately and am very pleased to see a good amount of motorcycles out and about. So lets get on here's this weeks installment, enjoy and spread the word.

No way..............

These little bad boys were all the rage in the early 80's in London, little rockets.
I've always liked this guy reminds me of Paul Gee.

Who remebers these petrol tanks, they crushed the nuts of many a young boy.

Don't know about laxative, but it probably loosened a few bowels

I love this image Cagivas everywhere
Quite possibly one of the nicest bikes ever produced, it has balance, stance and style

Mike Breen saw these guys in Auckland, on their way from Chile to Alaska!!!!!! Think they caught the wrong boat.

 The business in the day.
 The new V4 is yet another Ducati masterpiece

 Hmmm an interesting mix of old and new
 This is the nicest Moto Guzzi I have ever seen. It is perfection

 Aaron Slight Richard Scott and Kevin McGee all rode this bike, and all to a man said that they loved it.

 These things are epic.......just epic

 My mates Gary and Jas ride these, they are a pretty out there motorcycle that's for sure.

 Some goodies turned up in the shop today for my ZRX1100, cant wait to get them on and running.

 These were a very nice and hard arse motorcycle to have in their day.

 Still beautiful after all these years, a perfect around town motorcycle
 Kalex Moto2 bike with Triumph engine for this year.

 Gazzzarrrhh on the pipe.

Ok, the Long Lunch is upon us, have to get a few bikes ready for that, and then there is Motofest at Hampton downs to attend to, board meetings with MNZ to get done, so all in all a very busy schedule coming up. Managed to get two apartments for the Motofest, so we are sorted. Well thats all for this week, work awaits me, so back into the shop and get this bloody ZRX up and running. Have a good week all of you...and remember to wave at your fellow motorcyclists it nice to know that we all belong to one big brotherhood, and that we all share the common bond of bikes and the road.

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