Sunday, 14 January 2018

HI there to all of you. Well a pretty good start to the year, plenty of time off, and plenty of bike riding that's for sure. I was riding ho9me from Taupo last week, and missed the turn off to my home, then I hit the next town and missed the next turn off to my home. I was thinking to myself "where am I going". I ended up at the local KTM shop , about 120 k's from home. Within 10 minutes of being in the shop the deal was done. I had traded the Diavel on a new KTM1290GT. I'm not bull shitting  but I had absolutely no idea that that was what I was going to do, but there you go. This makes 107 personal bikes for me now since I started riding. I'm loving the KTM coming home on the Kaimai's it was right to the edge of the tyres straight away. Hmm a radar detector is now required. Plenty of bikes out on the road enjoying this fantastic weather which is always good to see. Pity the Harley riders are to staunch to wave back, but you have to keep trying. Noticed too that a lot more cars are pulling over just enough to let you by, which is great to see as well. Always give those guys a wave. I also saw a car directly in front of the Police flashing his lights frantically which made me laugh. Good to see people looking after one another. So one with another weeks installment for you all to enjoy. Keep it safe and ride fast.

 Well it seems to work

 We need this here in NZ

 Perfect really
 We need this every where

 Saw more than 5-6 of these this Christmas out there, it seems that finally people are starting to realise that they are a bloody good jigger

 OUCH to the hand made ali tank

 Syd died last week, a very very sad day for Ducati, this man is intrinsically interwoven into the history that is Ducati. Was very sad to here this

 You can see my house from here, plus some of the best roads to ride motorcycles on in the world.

 Nice wee shed here......

 I've had some pretty road food in the past few weeks that's for sure.

 About 150 years of New Zealand road racing in this photo, Slighty, Stroudy and Scotty

 A fine motorcyclist ( if I do say so myself), doing what he loves doing. I got smashed to pieces this trip, but you still can't beat being miles away from the maddening crowd and catching these hi country beauties. Check that fish, hes almost a big as my thigh!!!!!

 I wager that in the next 5 years these are going to become very expensive to buy and most of you will be saying " shit i could have bought one of those for $1500.00 once.


  1. Thanks as always, and especially for the bike purchase story. I feel better about the 1977 850 T3 I just bought!

  2. Damn! I just stumbled upon your site and had to take a moment to thank you - what a delicious diversion to an otherwise dreary and profitable day! Press on sir.