Thursday, 14 May 2020

Lock down Level 2, time for all those conspiracy theorists to find another cause, another thing to rave on about, as our freedoms are slowly returned, and life returns to some sort of normality. It's been a pretty tough time for some, and yet an inspiring time for others, as people re discover the small things in life that you can get enjoyment from, family, reading, working on a project, planning new adventures for the future. I will be the first to admit, that I did not like the constraints put on us, all the while realising that they were necessary. I didn't realise how much I would miss the simple pleasure, of jumping on a bike and going for a Sunday afternoon cruise out somewhere and enjoying a roadside beer, or coffee. I am looking forward to that again, and the lizards have another ride sorted out in a few weeks time once the restrictions are relaxed even further. Will be good to catch up with some of the guys that's for sure. The Guzzi is away getting its wiring done and the Kawasaki is going North to my good friend Tim Stewart who is going to give it the tune it requires. More on that later, but Tim has made a very generous offer to get it up and running.

 Is this what we can expect next year?

 The late and very great Geoff Parry, on of NZ's rising talents taken all to soon.

 It looked stunning when it was new.
 Images below of the restoration that I did on the MHR. It was a beautiful bike if I do say so myself

 Perhaps I will get it back in time for the next ride, I hope so.

 Lovely work here
 Weren't they just so almost about perfect

 Rodney, Robert racing round and round the roundabouts

 Poor panhead

 When you've got it, you've got it I suppose

This image deserves a couple of minutes just looking at it, I mean how perfect is this?
How cool is this truck

Not my cup of tea, but still pretty impressive all the same

A very nice Tonti

Who remembers these days
As a stock finish it's pretty bloody cool.only the Italians

Check out the finish on these stock motorcycles

Yes, they may not be meat, but this food is acceptable to eat

The much non loved and sadly overlooked 900 Ducati, a great bike and as a result you too can still buy on cheap as

Right then, I'm off for a few days fishing, time to flick a line and see if the trout has missed me, as much as I have missed them.