Friday, 1 May 2020

You people know that when I put the little by line up at the start of the weeks installment that it's just a joke eh? I'm always amazed that some people think that's it's actually real. I must have had at least 8-9 comments from people saying that they do know people that used to ride, and that they are still friends. I'm like Whaaaa........ But hey never mind, I even had one person ask me where were the images of guys!!!!!!!!!!, sorry but my persuasions are bikes and beautiful ladies, fast things, nice places to be and great food. I put it down the this lock down, making people perhaps a little too over sensitive. Shit I can't wait till I can get out for a decent ride though, it has to be said. I went the long way to the supermarket yesterday along a nice 10k country road full of twists and turns and it was stunning. Bumped into a Lizard coming the other way, so stopped and had a chat with our helmets still on and 3 meters apart. There has been an increase in the stuff coming out of sheds that's for sure, seems a lot of people are cleaning out and finding all sorts of goodies tucked away. Those for later on projects or hard to get parts. Good to see. Any how this weeks blog is a bit on the eclectic side, sourcing images form all over the place, enjoy share or give me some feedback

 My old Daytona.

 This is something you wont see me doing again. Haha

 DT 80's were the thing back in the day

 Lizards, look closely

 Not too sure, but either Rodney or Roberts supermono what a stunner

 We must thank Italy for all the wonder motorcycling moments they have given us over the years, and damn them too for all the electrical dramas as well

 Just look at that centralized mass.........

 And we just came along and chopped them down, what were we thinking

From the above image to this, pretty sad really

 Nice bike hauler

 One of the things I miss about riding around Europe

 Our jaws dropped when this came out

 All his eggs in....well one vespa

 I made one of these once

 Who would have thought that Grey and Purple go together so well


 Pretty nice for 'Standard'

 Yamaha's M1 in 2020 Suzuka guise. Pity it wont see any action


  1. Quality production all round , Nice work Grant !

  2. Im with you Grant, the only time I will willingly sleep on the ground is if Im on the run or destitute. Thanks enjoy the blog

  3. Thanks as always, what a great break from the mess here in US

  4. thanks Grant ,weekend therapy complete

  5. Charles Kelly2 May 2020 at 16:46

    As always Grant, fantastic work! Great way to spend an hour in lockdown although you've added several '000's to the garage budget

  6. You're coming round to the idea of Morinis Grant, I can tell.