Friday, 25 October 2013

OK, lets start, this is my new blog that I have decided to start up which showcases some of my bikes, some of my mates, some bikes they own, some rides we've done, and some bikes that i really like alot. Started out on small and slow jappas, that turned into bigger slower jappas, then some faster jappas, and then some more faster jappas, well you get the picture. Moved into Italian and European motorcycles and had some slow Ducatis, then moved onto bigger faster Ducatis, made a couple slower, then went ballistic with 916's and 996's, well you get the picture. Have ridden bikes all over place, and now find myself deeply into adventure bikes because the road doesn't actually stop when the tar seal does. A new and interesting direction it has to be said. Another thing that i find interesting is my sudden departure from jappas and Ducati's onto MotoGuzzi's. For years and years I have always admired them, and now the bug has bitten me big time, and when I say BIG time I mean big. So this new blog is a little about me and my mates and a lot about bikes. I'll try and not attack your sensitivities or sensibilities, but at the end of the day I don't give a fuck what you think, this is my blog. Hope you enjoy.

OK this is where it began, told Pat at Motomart I was interested in a MotoGuzzi, he calls me and says he's just bought me one in Japan for the sum of $2000.00 Fuck knows what he paid for it, I dont care but knowing pat next to nothing. Anyway I ended up owning this,

I had intended to turn it into a rat rod, but once out in the sun we realised that it was just too nice to hack into a rat that it had to be returned to it's full glory.

See just too nice 14000K's and as about as clean as you could possibly get

But me being me, I just couldn't leave it 'that' standard, so changed the pipes, changed a whole bunch of things that you cant see, painted the wheels, new bearings, and a new color scheme more befitting my vision of what the bike should look like.

This is what it turned into. personally speaking I love it, I don't give a toss what people think about the lights, no really I don't. FYA as they say in text land

I think its rather a handsome bike.

So that's my Moto Guzzi

I'd love one of these if it came in a 1000 cc

I've ordered from Motomart something along these lines so that I can play with an 8 valver, that Daytona engine is just the business. I love bikes with massive engines

Having said all of that though I have a very soft spot in my motorcycling heart for Yamahas and Kawasakis.
Sorry no Hondas ever, just porridge on wheels, and no Suzuki's either ( but that's only because of my dealings with them here in NZ), give me a wired 1100 Katana anyday, or a GSXR of any kind as long as its early. The modern ones just dont do it for me.

I have a very big spot for these babies, having owned 3, I love the XJR, and I love what people are doing to them now.

AND I dont mind a good 2 stroker it has to be said.

Big Engines......Haha

I do also have a bit of a soft spot for old English too, but only because this one here is the very first real motorcycle that I rode on. My father leant right into a corner and there I was sitting bolt upright because I thought that we were going to fall over. What a plonker ( things don't change that much)

Adventure begins with a BMW, I'm digging these things big time, I've never ridden as consistently fast as what I do on these.

Introducing Mike Breen, you will see a lot of him on here, he's one of my riding buddies and is a very quick rider.

The 'Gruff" Mick Crosland, another of the band of merry ADV riders, also very quick, what he could do on a 650 single BMW.

Mike on his Multi Strada, not really for this place here, but he didn't fall off and he kept up

Over there is a motorcycle, this was on of the most amazing rides I have ever done it was truly an eye opener 

Another of the ADV mad men that I know Bruce McNaught take a bow, also a legend on a 650 single, but now moved over to BMW sorry Triumph. This guy punts a bike well.

Places that we have been will feature too.

This young South African lady is Charlene, or Charlie, she rides a 675 Triumph and is always there or there abouts when we ride, not at the front but not at the back either, very solid rider and all round 'good chick' to have riding with you.

Michael breen

back in the younger days I used to race as well, and then got broken, but kept on being involved. My old mate Chris Gay here, we don't talk anymore, I used to take him all over the country to race meetings and we had a fucken great time, he was the funniest bastard I ever knew but our relationship came to an end in a burning crash, and that's that. You will see lots of images of him in here, because he was my shadow at a lot of motor cycling events.

Chris Haldane, one of the many riders I sponsored.

he punted my 996 SPS very well it has to be said.


Me and Chris in Milan, or was it Bologna who cares in Italy

We raced the Britten for the last official time.

I even built a Manzone, haha that didn't last too long once rates and insurance kicked in DOH DOH

I do love nice Italian bikes and I appreciate good photography of them as well

This is what this Blog will be about, fucking stupendous motorcycles and this one is fucken gorgeous

from this point on in this very prestigious first post the photos are random as I found them, so enjoy.

Thsi is Terry, he still hasn't learnt that racing motorcycles is an expensive sport, but he's getting there.

This was my 50th birthday present to myself, a very nice MT01 happy birthday to me.

Trevor, he appears in this blog as well, but he's got young kid's so is somewhat tied down at present. When he does get out, he's fast safe and consistently at the front.

A bit sad about this bike, it was beautiful and I fucked it, no more said.

We start em young in the Vinten family

I love to customize not only my bikes but my helmets, look at this paint job, Matt years before Matt came into vogue, and 2 years before Yamaha copied my paint job onto their own MT01's. Wankers

Now THIS...........................THIS is whats next in store for GV, I have to have one just like this ( different paint, and stuff), but exactly like this. Fucken beautiful.
So there you go, a gentle intro to me and my mates and my motorcycles. Turn me on every month  for an update or piss off. I've switched of the comments box because I don't give a toss what you think, as my mate Mike would say, this is about ME!!!!!!

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