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Ah Motorcycles, Love em or hate em, if your here you more than likely love em, if your here and you hate them WTF are you doing, go get a motorcycle and find out why we love em.

I've had this Ducati on my other blog, without doubt the most beautiful piece of work in steel, alloy and paint,

Love the Gulf color schemes always have

A very clean Guzzi, I can appreciate how much time has gone into making it look so simple.

XJR's again

And the odd BMW

Popped my eyes when this image came across my screen, that back tire is outrageous

Starting to like these little SR500's in a funny way.

Not just limiting myself to Guzzi's motorcycles in general, but i do love Porsche as well, and there is another one in my near future. can't wait.

This triumph is so clean, you builders out there could learn a thing or two from thsi one image alone.

There is no recession in NZ Pffftttt I say, this from one of my holidays a year or so ago

ZRX's are among my favourite bikes these two are fantastic examples of the marque.

But prefer the look of this one to the one above

Now I know I said I dont like harleys, but some, only some are pretty nice.

My mate Haydn on his widdle wee tractor putting his widdle wee dinghy in

Us later that day......haha I wish

RZ's what young guy hasn't dreamt of owning one of these, this one has different rims but apart from that its lovely

As opposed to this

Went fishing with my boy Max a while back and this is one of the things we caught

Very cool

The pub in Mangaweka on way to Cold Kiwi, I had just blasted everyone over Vinegar Hill spent one night at the cold Kiwi and then went home sick....

Mike Breen

Tim Haller, he taught me how to dispatch in central London, and gave me a love for Guzzi,top all round guy, but no bikes in his life, spent it all on funny little planes with no wings

The 'lads' at Wanganui

Ngatea, a strange little town this one

Somewhere in the hills behind/between Reefton?Arthurs pass/ down South anyway

On the way to The Cold Duck ralley, that has since been called of because of the safety Nazi's what a pack of wankers

Oh yeah, I like to do this as well. caught a massive amount of whitebait this day in Foxton on the way to Manfieeld to race the 996 with Chris haldane.

me and my mate Robert Holden, this guy could ride.

two of my favourite things

Sponsored most of these guys at some stage except for Tont down the end there. 

White Rock wairarapa on my first ride on the BMW in the gravel, over 164KPH haha

Gruff with a gun outside Reefton on Bottled Lightning ralley

Mr Fucken grumpy pants haha

This is my brothers hand and a 'salty' trying to have it for dinner

This is how I explain to people what motorcycling is all about

Miss me baby

These yamahas just keep popping up and I am loving them

Wanganui....say no more

Mr "COOL".

Now this little fullah will never be a rider, fuck he cracked us up watching him, he DID not want to ride that thing.

Me on motorway after picking it up, this is the first 'legal' ride

Randle, a POM and lover of Guzzi, i think he owns quite a few, his black eye in this picture was from being headbutted by a dwarf.


Paul Gee, the most unpolitically correct person and all round good guy/racer I know.

Me. Mike and Mr grumpy Chris.

Enlarge this image and have a close look, just a diamond

Trev getting his toes sucked in Thailand, so funny

A trip down south years ago, I rode my RZ500, I remember that afterwards I hurt.

My mate Mr Pollard and Dennis, the owner of this very very nice Aaermaccahhi Haha I knew the spell check wouldn't be able to do that, those of you that know, know what this is.

John Boy, Haydn and me on our new TE250's 41340.00 brand new from Wellington Motorcycles when they had their shop in Bond Street, who remembers that, I got my full motorcycle license and bought a bike of of them when they had a shop in Cuba Street where the lawnmower guy is now. Now that's going back.

That fire.............

went here last week, beautiful country

My mate Hyndsie, dont see too much of him anymore, pity, he was my shadow for a number of years through the racing, top bloke

Afetr 'that' fire

Love this BMW, its stunning

See what you can do to a Griso

twist that THANG

ZRX niceness

WOW how fucken cool is this

And this too.............this is cool

Moto Guzzi neatness
For my mate Mike, who says the only project for him is his 350, here you go buddy get onto it.


I found this file that shows some of the 90 odd motorcycles that I have owned, pretty much the only differences are my hair, the bikes and my guts. I was fortunate enough to be able to have them all photographed in the same place, must try and find the rest.

This was my Cuchiollo, we used to get pretty pissed and take this down the park late at night and speed trials around the cricket oval, pure fun hearing that "took, took, brrp brrpp tok took borrp boorrp", as it came out of the darkness and brushing by your head just inches off of the ground while trying to time, and photograph, before it disappeared off into the night around the other side, only to repeat itself about 37 seconds later. It was so funny.

Fucken stupid bike, would get miles into the hills only to have it's 'secondary' coil overheat and die. This bloody bike went like the clappers, but I fucken hated it piece of shit. I walked home once in My motocross boots about 12 miles up in the hills behind Wainui. I hid it in the Gorse ( well threw it actually), and it took me three days to go and get it with a quad. When we got there, it started first kick and I rode it home, stupid fucken bike.

Now this one I loved.......what a stonker a Husky WC360 stroker, shit this thing went and went, I ended up covering it in wood grained contact paper and we kind of got famous at rides me on my 'woody'. Loved this bike so much. Slightly even told me he couldn't believe how well it went. Not that I could catch him...wanker haha

I should never have sold this one, never.

Me just about to over take Karel Pavitch? I did love this bike to, my mate Hyndsie has it now.

So by all means spread the word, these first few blogs are just the settliong in period, once I find my way it will change and hopefully become a place to visit and enjoy the world of motorcycling, so pass the link around.

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