Tuesday, 29 October 2013

My new Dainese boots turned up from Revzilla. $269.00 landed here, beautiful quality, 100% waterproof, 1/2 a size too small but I know that that will change. Very happy, just in time for my ride down south. 2 weeks from Italy to Revzilla and then to here. Have to go home and put down my 23 year old Alpinestars now :-(.

Fucken typical............fat arsed Harley riders, you can bet that they aren't all going for the same corner. more likely the same burger

MOPAR...................yes please.

Now these are nice headlights

This image was titled "Easing it through" I pissed myself, yeehaa

Now that's a cool dad


Only the Italians......

Get it, I got it, it's brilliant

Great image

I love these older Bol'dor endurance racer bikes

This lady is Anke Eve Goldman, she is German and used to write for Cycle World , and a whole bunch of other motorcycle magazines , used to test them , race them, and ride very hard, was very very fast but could not race because of the rules, she still rides to this day and does a lot of design work, check her out on face book, what a great girl.

Love this shot
beaten from single pieces beautiful

500 triple, juiced right out, cafe'd up yes please.

Honda V8

I went to buy one of these new once $20K ( seems like a bargain now), but do you think I could fit it? Although I've seen kits now that extend the cutout for the knees, Hmm maybe......put an old 851 in it might be good.


Loved the paint

Lovely jubbly

This is a drone, not manned....you could buy about 40000 cafe racers for the price of this. tell me is there something wrong in this world. 

Mike, here's that project you talk about

Those race eyes.................fuck off don't come near me

This is Rossi's M1 engine like you've never seen before check out those pipes

Matt, you heard it here first

I have always liked these, proportionately they are about perfect

This guy has the best racing name in history ladies and gentlemen introducing
Scene in a downtown Daytona bar.....
"Hi, I'm Laurie your hostess for the night'and you are?'

The GREAT Malcolm Smith

Had one of these exact same model

The works Honda 450F Paris Dakar model

Paeroa 2012

Paeroa 2012

The pits in the 70's

Noice rims


Lyall Bay


Bugatti Boat

Burnt my hand on one of these once, looking in awe and just had to touch it

An SR500 again

Filming Mad Max

Twist that thang

SR500 as a kit


This was a nice yamaha

Paeroa 2012

Paeroa 2012

Paul Gee

Check those pipes, made by elves in Honda's southern Pole shop, forged out of unobtainium, and coastalotium


I think the musuem could do with some more space

 Si Si eh arriv'eh at a dah first corner,  I see is possible and eh come first

This harley washed up on the shores of Canada all the way from Japan, it must have been in something surely

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