Thursday, 6 November 2014

OK, OK, here it is, after the hiccups of the mid week Google melt down here's this weeks installment for you all.As usual a stunning array of nice bikes, nice ladies and generally god shit for your viewing pleasure. Bit pissed off today, watched my mates head off on the ferry for nice ride over the rainbow and then some hooning around Reefton and all points west on the coats. Wish i was going too, but there you go, I'm slaying fish in a couple of weeks and that little expedition is going to cost a fair bit 
( well it has already). So  tadah here we go.

These BMW's are really starting to make an impact on the cafe scene, they sell out so quickly that it's almost impossible to get a ride on one. Go see the boys at Motomart though they will sort you out.

Mmmm Guzzi, I like this one, very similar to my own really.

Go figure that big BMW's could do this.

No baby it's a flat six and I aint paying anymore

Now that he's decided to ride up the tree what's his next trick?

Bwaaaah Haaaa a family outting, love the look on the face of the little dude in front

Kind of sad really
Nice heavily modified Harley.

The old DT's were the mainstay of many a young fledgling motocross and trail bike rider.

I did a 1 ton carving of this guy, it sits in the drive of my ex wife's home, must get that back some day.

 Malcolm Smith in On Any Sunday, this guy is a fucken legend. go see the movie get it out and watch him.

Ohhhh lah lahhhh now she IS pretty
The precursor to the upskirt involved quite a bit of planning and execution, and I'll bet that straight after this, the little boy on the fence got stunned by a round house to the side of the face, and his ear will burn for about an hour

 malcolm Smith today, he still has the grin

Joke really

 Quite sobering don't you think?

 It was all about centralising mass, the Ducati 916 was an expert at it

 An F1 gearbox, to you sir oh lets see 180000 pound

 This is not funny, she should have been the other way around and that foot should have been up her bum.

 Buffalo girls
 Andrew Stroud 9 times NZ superbike champion

 A McIntosh Norton almost as famous if not famouser than the original

 That's not for the street sir!!!!!

 To the victor the spoils of war go

 here;s another F1 gearbox, I'd lick that I would

 A Renault F1 engine

very tidy
 This may not excite you, but it is the actual gears of an F1 engine, they polish them with talcum powder after they have made them to make them smooth

 They still race em here

 A CRF450 magni, Hmmm very nice

 maria costello came here from England to race and liked what she saw, so did we

 here she is with Andrew Stroud who himself has about a million kids

 Lick Lick Lick
 In India there are millions of Nortons, Triumphs, AJS's, you name it its there in paddocks as big as Mojave desert

 Tony Rees and Andrew Stroud both NZ Champions

 here's that little Honda again
 Hill climbs used to be massive but the entry fee got to...........wait for it..steep haha

 It's the only one in the world the two originals were destroyed and this was built by an Aussie father and son effort who worked out all the dimensions based on the fact that the rivets were exactly 1 inch apart, amazing eh. jaguar gave them the engine drawings ans they cast and cast until this came out. jaguar have given it their seal of approval as being an original

 made in Italy, re incarnated in Kapiti, now living very happily in Wellington

 Lancia Stratos packs in a whole lot of engine

 I've always loved this scene

 We are really really small

You'd be wanting to lean forward right about now......

 A four door family saloon capable of faster then the two door single man saloon they make already, nice
This is why they call them cafe racers......

 Nice is nice
 That's a radical cut

 Well you have to have a sense of humor dont you

 And just because this is probably one of the nicest bikes built, quality wise, I don't like it, but the quality is amazing and it came 5th in the world biker build competition, so rightly nice

This is Yamaha's new R1, it's a bit special in that it's very very near to an exact copy of the race bikes, so very close to Superbike specs it's not funny

One very very nice Porsche, quality oozes from its paint all the way through to the carbon dash

 A couple of these guys must have found some good grass

 The road calls to you
 Funny that this should be one here given that it just crashed it brains out two days ago. It's been sitting in my files for about 2 months now.

 This sir is definitely a bit of me. I can profile most of you. now you can profile me.
The Road, the Road, it's calling to satisfy my sole, it's opening up on a journey to somewhere.
Well that's about all for now boys and girl. Picked up a couple of more followers again this week, and have received some excellent feed back from people all over the world. Some of you worry me actually, no I wont put images like that on here haha. Now go for a ride

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  1. I was worried you'd stopped last week.
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