Thursday, 13 November 2014

Hey there everyone, I was just sitting here doing a preview of the three blogs that I have ready to go out and this was the one I choose this week. But while editing it I did notice that it carries an awful lot of images of girls in it. Now not that that is an issue for most of you, there just happens to be a lot. It's not normally like this, so there you go. I have an awful lot of new followers now, and I am not too sure what they will thing, but if they go back through the archives I am sure that they will get the gist of the site. Not that I care, I think that I would have about a 100% acceptance rate of the images that I put up. So here we go, Enjoy

These are my all time favourite bikes, i was plumbing for a GSXR750 G or H model as my 100th owner motorcycle, but if one of these as nice as this comes up, i could be very tempted.

Nascar is a wonderful place for quality engineering, All from Billet.

The very first air show in Paris, all colored up for your modern day enjoyment

 This is the house of Horse power.

 Now just stop for a minute and check this out, how amazingly beautiful is this craftmanship

 The depot in Auckland, is a place for you all to go, best food in New Zealand

 Contrary to it's looks this is man food.

 Photo by Michael Breen

 The Depot does vegetables for men.
 Now have a look again, there is something wrong with this image. This is the only Triumph four cylinder that they made up until latter days. It was a triple originally which is what went into production but they built this one too.

 Yes some whiskeys can make you do this all the while making you think it's a great idea.

Pretty cool Volvo

 One must have ones feet on ones footpegs mustn't one.

 Michael Breens magic again

 Nice pipes, Corvette in Christchurch, photo by Michael Breen, I have to keep saying that else wise he will tell me orf.

 Weren't we so cool in the day
 Or Not

 This guy was talking about road safety for motorcyclists

 The Gold Coast Indy 300 race, was there watching these lunatics smoking through the apartment buildings

 Nice mass produced swingarm, KTM take a bow.

 I like well made Guzzi's and this one is up there that's for sure.

Well I guess that disproves the myth about their flying skills, either that or he was hauling ass and couldn't take the turn, 

 I'd be running too!!!!!

 I laughed when I saw this

  No No Noooooo this is going to hurt

 A lonely track and two big bikes, perfect

 Ha ha I need some of this

 I love Paris in the morning, well that's the name she gave me anyway

 Well what would you expect when you put your camera down right here. cracked me up.

 Nice watch
 I do like a good woody

And that is a wrap for this week, to finish a lovely little Ducati form the late 60's. Have a great week, enjoy your rides, take care and see you all next week.

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